Chapter 18

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•Amelia's POV•
I woke up with the sunlight beaming through the curtains. I groaned as I forcefully opened my eyes. The memories from last night still lingered and I felt embarrassed. Damon was no longer in bed and I felt sad for a moment until he walked out of the washroom.

"Good morning sleepy head." He had a towel hung low on his waist, showing off his tattoos and abs. I blushed deeply.

"What time is it?" I sat up from the bed as pain struck through my body.

"8:32" Damon walked towards his dresser, back facing me. I gasped at the red scratches all across his back.

"D-did I do that?.." I heard a short laugh coming from Damon.

"Yea, but you should see your neck." I groaned loudly thinking about the amount of makeup I have to use to cover it. Of course he would do that, all he acts like is a frat boy.

I picked up my shirt and shorts from the floor and quickly slipped it on. I began to walk towards the washroom but the pain overcame my body. Every single body part was sore and it hurt like hell just taking a single step. I knew that I would be sore here and there after it but this is worse than I imagined.

"Owww. Damon! Why'd you do this!" I waddled my way closer to the bathroom door and all I heard was a chuckle.

I got into the shower and took the coldest one possible, even though the weather was beginning to get chilly. My muscles relaxed and I felt less sore. I still had a few items at Damon's house that I needed. For example, a couple makeup products, a pair of clothes, etc. Once I got out, I blow dried my hair and did my whole makeup routine, making sure to cover any evidence from last night. I changed into a large oversized grey hoodie, light blue jeans, and comfy Nike shoes. My appearance looked decent enough and I walked out the washroom, seeing Damon on his phone again, talking, back facing me.

"I told you just to question him! I don't care if he tried to kill one of your men, you don't make those choices, I do. Next time you pull a stunt like this, I'll make sure your whole family suffers." He angrily hung up the phone before turning around, looking at me.

"How long were you standing there?" I smiled at him innocently. "Just got out." I lied.

"Can we go out today? Like on a date?" I picked up my phone and saw two missed calls from a number I didn't recognize. I thought nothing of it and put my phone into my back pocket.

"Can't. I have work." Damon muttered. I groaned loudly.

"Please? Can't you just take the day off? This is my reward for last night. I'm in a lot of pain right now." I made my way across to him and hugged him from behind. He turned around and faced me.

"You weren't saying that last night and believe me, I could've been rougher. Since it was your first time, I made sure I was extra gentle.. " my eyes widened and I saw him smirk.

"But fine, we can go out. I want to take you to my favourite restaurant." I smiled happily. He was dressed casually in a black sweater and grey sweatpants. I love casual Damon, it's more soft, rather than expensive suit Damon.

We got into his car and it was a short drive to the restaurant. It was smaller than I thought with neon lights shining off of the windows. It looked old and rusty but has a very comfy aura to it. We entered and a couple workers said hello to Damon. He was probably a regular then. We took a seat near the end of the restaurant and ordered.

I got the chocolate banana waffles with extra whip cream and strawberries while Damon just ordered a black coffee and a muffin.

"I used to go here all the time when I was a teenager. It helped me forget everything for a bit." I stopped and stared and Damon for a bit, face stuffed with waffles. My heart broke at his expression. It looked pained, probably due to the fact that he never was able to talk to his parents, with him being separated from them and all.

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