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Chapter (49)

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Chapter (49)

I knocked on their door with a closed fist. Reaching behind me, I pulled my gun out ready for the door to open. I wanted attention and anyone in their right state of mind will listen when they have a gun pointed to their head.

The door opened and I pointed my gun at him. The guy slowly put his hands up, while glaring at me.

"I suggest you let me in." I looked at him with a deadly tint in my eyes. Men never really took women serious, and I wasn't going to be mistaken for a whimp of a girl. I meant business.

He backed into the house and I followed in but kept the gun pointed until I was in the residence, and closed the door softly behind me, with my foot. "Tell Matthew he has a visitor." I kept my gun pointed, and made sure he knew I wasn't mucking around "And just so you know I'm not alone, you best remember that before you take your next move."

I lowered my gun, truth be told I was alone. Well unless you count Mark as back up and I'm sure I saw the back of Liam in the back seat, trying to hide but failing miserable at it.

"Well if it isn't Amber." Matthew's deep voice greeted me and he didn't hide the annoyance in his voice. "I heard you left the country, clearly we weren't that lucky."

"As far as anyone else is concerned I have." I narrowed my eyes and made sure my threat was clear. I knew Matthew wasn't one to blab peoples business around but still.

"Don't worry your brothers won't hear it from me." he gestured for me to follow him into this lounge room "What do you want Amber?"

"Quick to get down to business" I arched an eye brow at him. "I'm starting to feel unwelcome." I smirked teasingly at him.

"The quicker you get to the point the quicker you can piss off." Matthew didn't even bother hiding his disgust for me.

"I hear Mai is working for one of your brothels." I got straight to the point; I didn't like wasting time either. Plus Matthew was a disgusting man, low as scum in my books.

"Bikie Mai?" Matthew seemed slightly interested at the topic. His eye brows raised with interest.

"If that is what you call her." Honestly I could come up with some more colorful words for her.

"What about her?"

"I want you to fire her." I tucked my gun into the back of my jeans and pulled my leather jacket around me.

"Why would I do that?"

"She's a filthy slut." I shrugged my shoulders, that were a great reason in my books.

"Last time I checked that usually made me money." Matthew lit a cigarette, his beady eyes watching me closely. "Your sudden revegne on Mai wouldnt have anything to do with your boyfriend."

"I don't have a boyfriend." I snapped, really wasn't in the mood for this. Couldn't he just do what I asked and leave it? Why did he have to ask questions.

"Right, I heard rumors Mai broke you guys up."

"Whatever just fire her." He was skating on thin ice right now.

"No. Anyway don't you think Mai has had enough shit her way for what she did." Matthew butted his cigarette out "Your boyfriend ran her out of town. Fuck she begged me for that job."

Why would Jackson run her out of town? Didn't he trust her anymore, a bitter taste entered my mouth.

"Just fire her." At the end of the day, what Jax's did didn't matter. I wanted to level this, my way.

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