Chapter 15

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When Venar woke up from the vision, it was the morning of the next day. He was certain that Bastila had also experienced the same dream as well. He had felt her presence within the dream as it had unfolded.

He began his routine of getting out of bed, taking a brief shower in the refresher, and changing into his Jedi robes. All the while, chewing over the events of the dream in his mind. The more he thought about the prospect of having these visions, the more it troubled him. He still didn't understand why he was having these visions, and frankly it didn't seem to make much sense. Not that Bastila or the Council understood it either. It just seemed a bit too convenient to be having visions about the enemy.

Regardless, they had work to do and Bastila was already down at the Council chambers. Some engineers had been sent by the Jedi to install some upgrades on the Ebon Hawk, and Carth was busy getting brought up to speed with the new modifications. Venar rushed down the boarding ramp, his brown cloak trailing behind him. The one custom of the Jedi he embraced wholeheartedly was the robes. They were surprisingly comfortable and he had to admit, there was something that just felt right about wearing them.

When he reached the Council chambers, Bastila already stood before the four Jedi Masters. As he entered, Bastila turned to regard him with a short curt nod.

"Good morning, Padawan Moonrunner," Vandar said, the knee-height Jedi twitching his pointy green ears, "Bastila was just telling us about the vision you shared last night."

"Yes," Bastila confirmed, "As I was saying, according to what we saw Revan and Malak came he directly after the battle of Malachor. It also appears Revan had a secret relationship with the Jedi Exile, Meetra Surik."

"Mmm, yes we suspected as much," Vandar said.

"Is it possible she could know anything of what happened to Revan?" Venar asked.

"According to what we know," Dorak responded, "Meetra and Revan fell out of contact after that last battle. She was exiled from the Order. While we like to keep track of those who have left our Order it appears she has escaped our notice."

"Her whereabouts are not of our concern at this time," Vrook said, his demeanor serious as usual, "We have decided to send you both on an extremely important mission."

"It is vital that we uncover this secret of the Star Forge," Vandar said, "It has become not just our belief, but that of the entire Jedi Council, that you both have been selected by the Force to uncover this secret. From what we have been able to decipher of the data you've brought back from the ruins, we believe there are more star maps on the other four planets shown on the first one."

"It is your mission," Master Zhar explained, "to travel to each of these planets and find the other star maps. Once you've found them, it should fill in enough of the missing data to pin a location on the Star Forge. This will be a difficult task. There will be many dangers and trials ahead, but the fate of the entire Republic and Jedi Order depends on this mission."

"With all due respect, Masters," Bastila spoke up, "shouldn't this be something more suited for a Jedi Master?"

"Normally, yes," Zhar responded, "However, the Sith have spies everywhere. Sending a Master on this assignment would draw too much attention to the mission. At the same time, this is not a stealth mission either. Identify yourselves as Jedi wherever you go, rely on the Force, and on each other."

"The Ebon Hawk," Vandar said, "and the crew are yours to accompany you. Many of them have special skills you may find useful in your travels. Also, Juhani would also like to accompany you, and we have decided to grant her her request."

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