"Give me back my chocolate!" I shouted as I reached for my Chocwink candy in their hands.

The third graders are bugging me again. I hate them very much. They always pick on us little boys. They also get my stuff and never give it back.

They can take my pencils or my sandwich but not that! Chocwink candy is my favorite in the whole entire universe! My parents won't buy me Chocwink bars cause they say it's too expensive. So I collected change I see lying around the house or the street. I was very patient, and I finally had enough money after a month! But now they have that chocolate bar in their hands.

"Why would we, huh?" said the fat one Randy joyfully, like any other bully would. Randy was scarier, the worse of the two. He would give me wedgies, and I would tell it to the teacher everytime. Unfortunately, Mrs. Kipple is his mother, he never gets any punishment which is unfair.

"Please Randy, I'll do anything!" I pleaded. I tried on my best puppy dog eyes, but they never work.

"Anything?" Randy said mischeviously.

I gulped. There's no knowing what these people are gonna let me do, but I will accept it. I waited too long for that Chocwink bar, I can't let them get away that easily.

"Yes." I said dryly.

I stood completely still as the tall one Jack whispered something to Randy. Jack is known for coming up with the punishment, mishaps or consequences for us weak people, while Randy makes us do them. He could be very creative when it comes to these things, which is scary. They make a perfect team, but the worst one at that.

Randy nodded his head while Jack smiled deviously.

"I want you to kiss her," Randy said as he pointed behind me.

I slowly turned my head and saw pretty girl about my age sitting on the park bench. She was scribbling something with a pink pen on a piece of paper. I know her! Well, I don't know her name but I technically know her. I often see her sitting there alone whenever I play with my friends in this park. I've always wanted to approach her, but I was too shy to.

And now, I have to kiss her?

I turned my head back to the meanies. "What?" I asked increduluosly. "I can't kiss her! I don't even like her." My friend, Mikey, told me that you should only kiss a girl you like, or else The Princess of Kisses will be angry and will cut your hair in your sleep.

"Yeah, you're right." Jack said. I sighed with relief. I hope they would give me back the chocolate. But then Jack spoke, "Only real boys can kiss a girl. Mr. Brown Eyes here, is gay!"

They both laughed annoyingly.

"No I am not!" I defended. My face was turning red. There are three things I don't want to be called: stupid, dumb and gay. I become very sensitive when I hear those words. Unfortunately, the meanies knew about it.

"Then prove it," Randy said as his lips puckered pointing to the girl. "If you kiss her, on the lips, then you can have your chocolate and prove that you're not gay."

I clenched my fists and shouted in my puny seven-year-old voice. "Fine!"

I stomped angrily away from them and towards the pretty girl. My fast and hard steps slowed down the nearer I went.

I paused. I looked back at the meanies, hoping for their mind to change. But all they did was gesture 'go on'.

I moved slowly towards the girl until I'm standing right infront of her. Nervous? Yes, definitely. I could feel beads of sweat roll down my back.

For the Chocwink, I told myself, For the Chocwink.

My shadow scattered across her, making her look up.

The bench wasn't really high, so her face was leveled with mine. Her sparkling dark brown eyes stared straight into mine, capable of making anyone melt.

And before she could speak I leaned forward, putting my lips against hers.

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