"You have a lot of fresh bruises," she said. Out of all the things you could have said, that was what she chose. "Are you alright?"

          I gulped, nodding slowly, but my mind was in a jumble. I was thinking of Dexter, of what will happen next, of how I got here, of how she conjured the sparks... I was pretty sure my mind was going to explode. 

          She blinked, her pupils dilating, as if she remembered something. "Wait, d-did you see me do it?"

        "Yeah," I said in the faintest voice I could muster.

          "Are you scared?"

           To be honest... "Not really," I said, shaking my head. "I even think what you did was kind of cool."
         Lie. I'm scared as a cat.

          "Really?" she said hopefully, her facial features brightening up. "I mean, you said you saw me conjuring the sparks from my hand, and everyone knows that's really freaky. I myself was freaked out, but it's kind of awesome, don't you think? Not all people can do that, which kind of makes me weird. You think it's weird, don't you? I personally think of that, too. But I swear I don't know how I did it. It was involuntary, like something unexplainable. It was something like magic. But I swear I – "

          "Really, I'm not scared." I chuckled – a real one – and gave her a reassuring smile. "What are you doing here, anyway? It's dark and dangerous. And what's your name?"

          She smiled, sniffing her laugh in. "I could ask the same question to you."

          "I - um, I'm Wolliam McCarey, but everyone calls me Liam," I said. "Truth be told, I don't know why I'm here."

          "What do you mean you don't know why you are here?"

         I hesitated. I wasn't sure if I could tell her what just had happened to me. I didn't even know what happened to me. But given the fact that I had just witnessed her performing some kind of magic, it was fair enough that I told her about mine.

         "I know this might sound silly, but I'm going to tell you the truth," I said, biting my lips back. "I was at my house and was having an argument with my dad. I got pretty pissed off and just thought of disappearing. And... and I did. Next thing I know I was here."

           The girl's forehead was wrinkled. "Wait, so you think you are a super?" she asked, her voice sounding interested. "I mean, you did kind of teleport here."

           I gave her a puzzled look.

         "Unless you are high on something," she said, wrapping her palms on either sides of her waists, "You really teleported, based on what you've just said. Haven't you watched any superhero movies?"

          I zoned out for a second, thinking of it. It was freaky, but seemed true. How else could I have gotten here?

      And then it hit me: this was a dream. I definitely passed out. This place, this girl - all just hallucinations, a result of my beaten up, and possibly, dead body.

         I let out a lengthy laugh, shaking my head. "No, no. I'm sure I'm dreaming right now. This is a dream. It is, isn't it?"

         She rolled her eyes and puffed her cheeks. The girl walked over and with her hands, slapped me square on the face. That's right, the girl just hit me. And that, for the record, seemed very real.

       "Ow," I gasped, rubbing my face sympathetically, achieving realization the hard way. "This is really real, isn't it?"

        The look she gave me clearly said duh.

         It was real. She was real. I was real. What I had was real. What I had, or should I say a power, was flabbergasting. In any other perspectives, this would have been very silly and foolish, but from what I have seen in Laura – her ability, and the clear explanation of how I got here in a second, was undeniably believable. What if I was a super after all?

        "Let's see if you're telling the truth," she crossed her arms. "Liam, do you think you can teleport from there," her index finger gesturing to my place, which was in front of her, and then flicked it to her left side. "To here?"

          I looked at her, my forehead twitched, as though I was asking her if she was sure of her request. She nodded slowly, smiling.

         "I'll try," I said, closing my eyes. I was about to perform whatever you call it, but I was struck by an idea for a moment. What if I really had it in me? What if both of our theories were to be proved right after this moment? What would happen to me? I shook my thoughts and focused. I was going to do this anyway.

         I think of a black space - a second world only I could ever visit. I think of solidarity, a wish of being alone, just like what I was thinking when Dexter was beating me up. And then I thought of where I was, and of the place I wanted to be. I think of it deeply, concentrating. Take me there, take me there...

         I opened my eyes as soon as I felt my chest pounding. It had worked. I was beside her.

         "Wow," her eyebrows shot up right after seeing me, her lips slightly parted in awe. "Looks like I'm not the only weird one around here, huh?"

          "I did it," I laughed out, amazed by myself. "I really did it!"

          "I know. It's really awesome."

          "Holy cow," I blurt out, staring down at my body.

          "Sooo," she said after a moment, clasping her hands together, "Oaksment woods, Edmonton," she said, looking around. "Quite a fantastic place, isn't it?"

         I blinked. "Edmonton... you mean in Canada?"

         "Yes," she looked at me, her forehead twitched. "Haven't you been here before?"

         "I - I'm from Virginia."

         The same look of awe she had executed when I teleported appeared on her face once again. "What, wow, that's a long way you teleported."

         "I know," I said, thinking about my town and how I was just with Dexter about thirty minutes ago. This was when I realized how much gifted I was, and this was also the moment where questions haunted me.

        How was this all possible? And of all places, why did I arrive in a place where there was a superhuman, too, like me?

       "By the way, my name is Laura Cole. It's nice to meet you, Liam," a smiled appeared on her face as she held one hand up for me to shake.

       "It was nice to meet a freak like me, too." I replied as I took her hand and shook it.

      "So, your bruises and scars, they all look fresh," she said as if I didn't know. "Tell me the truth, what kind of arguement happened between you and your dad?"

    And then I sat down; she followed. The girl and I talked until the sun was gone.

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