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eunica otani, 2012

I saw trees – lots of them. They were standing not quite apart from each other, like I was in the woods. It was not bright, but it wasn't dark either. But everywhere I turned, it was just them trees – nothing else.

          "Am I already dead?" I breathed out, as if someone could answer. I looked around for another time, and realized my answer to my own question was no: this didn't look like heaven. It didn't look like the promised paradise. It looked like... earth - the same old, sinful, and bruised earth.

       Where am I? Where's Dexter?

          I figured out that none of my questions would get answered if I stayed where I was and just waited. So I sat and stood up, my limbs, arms, and neck stinging. I started to walk, although I was a little limped. I didn't know where I was going, though, I had no directions. I didn't know where I was, even.

          "Hello?" I called out, but my voice just bounced back to me. "Is there anyone around?"

        No one answered.

        When walking seemed like forever, and when the sun started to dip down the horizon, a silent boom had sounded. It was near me, so I heard it pretty well. I looked around, and was startled to see an array of light shooting up in the sky. I was brought back for a second, but then curiosity took over. I sprinted to the direction where it went off, and when I got a little far, the trees eventually lessened and earth covered with leaves and branches was slowly replaced with rocks.

          Finally, I spotted a figure of woman who was standing. I walked slowly over the figure, and with squinted eyes, I figured out she had long, blonde hair that fell perfectly straight on her back, and she was wearing jeans and a comfortable knitted sweater I wish I had right now.

       I was about to approach her and ask her if she saw what just happened, but when she started rubbing her palms against each other repeatedly like she was very desperate to keep them warm, something had stopped me. I just stood firmly on my position and watched.

          Unexpectedly, a spark came out of her bare hands. She jumped back the same time I did, and she also seemed shocked the same way I was. I took a few steps back; the girl was definitely some sort of evil.

          I have made my righteous mind and turned around and walked slowly on the opposite direction as hers. I kept on telling myself that I had to get the hell out of here, before she catches me and I die. But just as when I was battling with myself over and over about which direction I should take, I carelessly tripped on a fallen branch and went flat on my back. The pain from Dexter's punches started to hurt badly again, but I managed to stand up. I nonchalantly glanced behind me, and the evil was there, looking at me.

          She's looking at me!

          I knew I had to run elsewhere, but as I looked back at her, I noticed the way she looked at me with the pair of brown eyes of hers was... different. She didn't look evil, she even looked scared.

          "Who are you?" she asked as she walked slowly to me. It was obvious that the girl was trying to sound tough, but the fear in her voice was evident to me.

          "No, who are you?" I countered rather weakly, mustering all the strength and control I had in me. "And the thing you did there – the spark – how did you do that?"

          She looked at me for a while, probably scrutinizing my looks, I couldn't really tell. Her expression softened as she diverted her gaze from me to the ground. I was able to take a few steps forward and started to examine her. To me she looked normal and definitely human.

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