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*On the Argo II*

You were very upset,angry,panicked and scared,why? you ask because Percy and Annabeth just fell in tartarus,your two best friends were gone and you're crying on your bed, "(y/n)" you heard Leo yell but you did't answer you were too heart broken the door opened and Leo was there when he saw you he immediately went and sat down next to you,"its going to be okay (y/n)" he whispered but even he knew that,that was'nt true,so he hugged you "I could have done something" you said "I could have told Annabeth that there was some spider silk stuck on foot or....... "Or what (y/n)?" Leo said "Won threw pain from a woven jail" he repeated the last line of the prophecy "You can't escape a prophecy Leo advised its impossible,you finally nodded even thogh you did't want to.

"But I'll promise you two things" he whispered in your ear (1) that we'll get everyone safe including Percy and Annabeth and 2 when I'll see that dirt bag Gaia I'll punch her straight in the face for making my girlfriend cry,you chuckled but deep in your heart you knew that they we'll be okay.

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