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Ch.26 New Project?

I walked up the steps to my science class, suddenly feeling uneasy but I tried to shrug it off and stepped through the door...until someone touched me.

I held in my scream of fear as my body shook on it own, I stepped away quick as laughs filled the space that was behind me.

"Wow BP was serious!" Skater girl laughed with Undyne, and BP.

I was going to defend myself but just sighed irritated, I was going to make my way to my desk but I was yanked back by my colar.

"Ah! Stop!" I yelped inwardly freaking out trying to get away, but the cats grip on my shirt was to tight.

"Come on, it can't be that bad loser! I mean seriously what can a single tap of a finger do? Kill you!" BP laughed refusing to let go.

"Haha okay, okay, get him away! He still has the Project and PJ would be pissed if he got a bad grade because of you!" Undyne laughed harder as BP instantly let go with fear in his eyes.

I finally exhaled the breathe I was holding in and rushed to my desk, I sighed mentally thanking Undyne for once.

If she didn't intervine I think I would have had a panic attack, which would be even more embarrassing.

I tried to be as silent as possible as I breathed heavily trying to calm my heart rate, I was some what struggling though due to the few stares from other students.

"Pst, you okay Fresh?" Asriel asked as Frisk sat next to him also seeming a bit concerned.

"Y-Yeah, I'm perfectly fine! Great even!" I lied throwing on a smile.

Frisk seemed to buy it a little but much like Asriel still was weary as he said alright and turned back to their project.

I closed my eye's breathing as calmly as I could manage, slowly but eventually everything became less tense.

I opened my eyes looking at the project in front of me.

"...Were you just praying?" I flinched when PJ spoke suddenly next to me in the desk.

"N-No, that would be pretty hard with all this noise...Why?" I questioned as he shrugged.

"Just thought you were praying that we didn't do bad in the project." He said as I looked at him confused.

"What...? Why would we do bad?" I asked.

"Because...I helped." He said pointing to himself after trailing off at because.

"...Actually...You actually didn't do that bad." I said being honest.

He did understand half of what we needed to know to do the project, it was just making the project is what he was having a problem with.

"...Now your just lying to me and yourself." He gave me a unimpressed look leaning his chin on his hand.

"No, really. You weren't that bad, it was just making the project that had you confused." I stated as he rolled his eyes but smirked at me, for some reason my heart skip a best when he did.

"Yeah, I only knew all of that with your help." He said as I rolled my eye's, I only corrected two of his mistakes.

"You still weren't bad." I said.

"Well...I guess you weren't that bad either. I expected you to be some annoying perfectionists or something." He laughed lightly which made my heart beat faster again, but I refuse to admit it to myself or show it.

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