AN; I am letting you all know now. I actually a very well behaved student and this was my first time. Literally! Everything that happens between Mrs.Daffy and Savage(me) actually happened with me and my career teacher. I added it cause I thought it would give you guys and gals something to laugh at. Also this chapter is posted early due to me not knowing how long the hurricane Irma will last. Anyway hope ya enjoy!

Ch.25 Thin Patients

Next week came sooner than expected, Savage got use to the school within a week but was tired of Mrs.Daffy already. Today was Wensday and I met up with PJ this morning for him to give me the project. Savage stood by us often throwing comments like.

"You should flirt with him."

"You two need to stop with this whole crap and kiss already, the suspense is killing.

"Wait what!? You had a perfectly good chance to smack that ass just then!"

I wanted to hide every single time she said something, but I knew she would laugh and drag me back to be with PJ...probably so she can take a picture and edit it to show me later to embarass me. Plus PJ would think of it the wrong way too, and I don't want him thinking I have feelings for him...

I don't right...? Ugh! Goth, Palete, and Savage have me questioning my own life sometimes!

It turns out Amber had all the same classes as PJ except for second period which she had Mrs.Daffy with me from what she told me.

I was sitting next to her as Mrs.Daffy stood in front of my red headed friend accusing her of not turning in or doing her essay.

"M'am she did turn it in. I know because she wrote her name on it with pencil, then rewrote her name again in bright pink sharpie, she even stapled one corner of her paper to mine and I turned both of our papers in yesterday. It was literally right here and now it's not." Asriel stated holding up his paper trying to help Savage convince Mrs.Daffy to look for it.

"Amber check your book bag, it should be in there some where." Mrs.Daffy said.

"I told you. I. Turned. It. In. What other language to I have to say that in?" She said trying so hard to keep her paitents but for the first time ever it was actually wearing thin.

"You didn't turn it in because it's not with the other paper, Amber." Mr.Daffy claimed as I saw Savages blood boil under her skin it was literally turing her tan face slightly red.

"How did I not turn it in? You say this all the time! Oh you didn't turn it in! Oh well maybe you didn't put your name on it! Why are you refusing to do your work Amber? I'm not refusing to do my work! Never, not even once in my life have I forgotten to put my name on a paper or turn it in and you trying to accuse me of doing so? Last time you said I didn't turn something in I told you I did, I had you look through your papers two times and you found it." Savage said.

"That was a one time thing!" Mrs.Daffy argued and I saw something instantly snap in my friend.

Oh God.

Amber stop.

Not the teacher.

"Yeah, a one time thing that has literally repeated itself to more than half the students in this school! Had it ever occured to you that maybe for once your wrong, cause woman you suck at keeping track of paper! You say all the time that it's so hard to keep track of all the classes like...umm...excuse you!?" Savage stated as Mrs.Daffy glared at the red head.

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