I was amazed. Greyson really had it all. He laid me in the bed, and started taking my clothes off. I raised an eyebrow at him. "You're sticky. You need something to sleep in for the night." I let out a sigh of relief as he took my pants off, handing me the shirt from his own body. I slipped it on, and buttoned a few buttons. "You look much sexier in my clothes." I blushed and got under the covers. He took his pants and shoes off, leaving him in his boxers. He crawled in behind me, pulling me closer to his body. His body was warm next to mine. I turned and faced him completely. He was staring at me. "Sleep cara mia." I snuggled into his chest, placing my hands against it. He wrapped his arms around me tight, resting his head on top of mine.

I could feel him breathing heavily. I understand Greyson isn't used to this closeness, honestly neither am I, but we are both comfortable in each other's presence, and for that, I am happy. I go to sleep with Greyson right beside me and in my mind.


I woke up to Greyson's movement. I groaned, and opened one eye. Greyson was getting up from the bed. I sat up a little and watched him. He started pulling his pants on, running his fingers through his hair. He turned and stood there stunned. "I'm sorry did I wake you?" Yes. "No, it's okay. I was getting up anyway." I yawned and stood from the bed. I was instantly cold. "You're still tired cara mia. Go back to sleep. I will wake you when we've arrived. We still have about 4hrs left." So why is he up? I nodded as he kissed my forehead. I went to lay back down. Honestly, I can't really sleep without Greyson. It's hard. Luckily I have his shirt, so that's a part of him I still have. I let my eyes flutter closed and fell back to sleep.


I woke again to kisses being peppered over me. I groaned and pressed into the kiss more. The intruder chuckled and pressed his lips against my ear. "Wake up Alaina." I swatted at them and rolled over, falling back to sleep. "Alaina sweetie, wake up." I groaned again, this time opening my eyes. "You sure have a knack for waking people up." He chuckled, and picked me up. "The plane will be landing soon, and we need to make you presentable." He handed me a bag. "Go get changed, and meet me out in front." He kissed my forehead and walked out, leaving me alone.

I opened the bag and pulled the clothes out. I gasped. Greyson has a unique sense of style. I quickly took his shirt off and put on the underwear Greyson had in the bag on and throwing the clothes on.

I looked in the mirror

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I looked in the mirror. I actually looked like I fit into his world. I shook my head, and made my hair look presentable before walking out to where Greyson sat. He had food sitting in front of him. "My my, you look beautiful Ms. Spencer." I blushed and sat down. He passed me a glass of water, and I ate the other half of a sandwich he had sitting on a plate. "When we arrive, there will be a car there waiting to take us to our hotel. Do you want to eat in or out tonight?" I finished chewing before speaking.

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