All Those Days

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Everyone has good days and bad days. They balance perfectly on the scale of life, although we may feel that they don't. I know I've got my share of good days, but I've also had my share of the bad ones too. Good days like birthdays, or parties. Bad days like those full of arguments, or days when you fail a test. Those days are in everyone's lives, whether they want them there or not.

The days over in eastern Washington are my good days. Days when I could run wild in big open fields, feeling the grass between my toes. Days when I could feel the sun on my face for more than a day or two (Seattle...). Days when I knew I didn't have to worry about traffic that seemed to eat up everyone's time, or hordes of people blocking my path like a giant elephant. Those are always good days. I wish I had more of them.

But of course, where there's good, there's evil. Those times when someone's sick in the family. Take my father for example. When he gets sick, he makes sure that the whole household knows it. He gets really grumpy and suddenly forgets how to use his arms or legs when it comes to doing something...But there are those severe sicknesses too. Like my grandmother, whom at the time when I was writing this chapter, was dying of stage four colon cancer. when I wrote this my sophomore year, I wrote and I quote "I can't stop worrying about her, but I know that everything's going to be okay. It has to be.". When she passed away in January of 2013, it took a lot of convincing to make everything "okay". To this day, things still aren't okay.

These aren't the only bad days, nor are they the only good days in my life. I've had a lot of bad days, which seem to eat up my entire life, but I promised myself a long time ago that I would do my best to keep the balance of good and bad days perfect. The world needs more good days, and a lot of people don't like to do anything about it. They agree for the time being, but when it comes to doing something, we become very lazy and lack the motivation. So, where are we going to find that motivation?

That is the question.

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