🎨Ch.24 Palete says it💚

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AN; I had to! Lol so hope you guys and gals like this one!

Ch.24 Palete says it

We all walked on our way to school after Amber's little joke. From what I could tell was that Amber, Vaan, and Shifteh were already hitting it off.

Vaan and Amber had an extreme pun war, they were killing Shifteh with the puns all the way to school.

We were in the court yard of the school joking around, but I made sure to hide my face since I didn't have my shades.until Kai came up to us.

"Uh, can I talk to you two please?" He asked as regret shown in his eyes.

"Yeah." I said as me and Savage got up.

"What is it?" I asked when we were around a less crowded area.

"I just wanted to apologize for last night. I really didn't me to drag you into me and my brothers mess, I really really am sorry. I'll do anything for both of you to make it up to you." He said as I sighed.

"Woah woah woah, wolf boy. You don't have to do that." Savage said as he refused say he did have to.

They both argued over weither he had to or not and I silently watched, Savage got annoyed after a little and gave in.

"Fine. Buy me chocolate or slushies until we graduate. That good enough for you, Mister I. O. U?" She asked as he smiled.

"Yes. And you Fresh?" He asked looking to me causing me to look down to hide my face with the bill of my hat.

"I...I can call you if I ever need help with anything..." I muttered as I saw Palete with Mr.Ink at a bench.

"I...I have to go. Savage, tell the others I'll see them later." I said as Amber nodded, I walked off towards the two skeletons.

Mr.Ink noticed me quickly and smiled a bit.

"Hello Fresh, it's good to see your okay." He said as Palete instantly looked up at me.

I winced as I saw him. He looked like he hasn't slept and had cried for hours. He had Goth's red scarf wrapped around his neck and the way he held so tightly onto it...it was very sad.

"H-Hi Fresh." He said as I smiled at him saying hello back.

"I have to go prepare class now, I'll come see you as soon as I can when I'm done." Mr.Ink said leaving us.

"...I'm sorry. I could've...should've stopped it before it happened." I said as he shook his head lightly.

"N-No. It's okay. The doctor said he was going to make it. They said if you hadn't found him and got help like you did then he probably would've been gone. Thanks for savings my best friends life, it means the world to me that you did that for him. Thanks to you he's safe, and his safety is all I can ask for!" He said smiling weakly but I could tell he meant it to be more brighter to reasure me.

"That's great news." I said.

"He woke up last night too. He doesn't remember what happened, I had to explain to him how you found him and how you called me for help." Palete said looking at something on his phone.

I sighed. I was hoping he knew who attacked him, I wanted to tell the principal.

"So...are you done with your project? For Mr.Gaster class next week I mean." I asked as he nodded.

"Yeah, me and Goth got it done. Did you?" He asked as I nodded.

"Yeah, me and PJ finished it yesterday actually." I said as he smiled.

"For two monsters that started on the wrong foot I have to say, you two are getting along better than I thought." He said sighing but I could tell he was a little happier than before.

"W-Well I guess..." I replied as I remember the night he hugged, helped me in the gym, and worked on the project with me, even when we walked home together on Ivory's birthday.

Those four memories weren't much but, he hasn't really bothered or bullied me in any kind of way and... That actually meant something to me. Maybe not all jocks and populars are what I thought they were...

"We have to go Fresh the bell just rang." Palete's voice broke my train of thought.

"Wha?" I looked to see people heading to class.

"You were making a face...were you thinking about him?!" Palete asked with a laugh smiling bigger as I couldn't help but blush.


"You like him!" He continued smiling even brighter as I became a blushing blue mess.

"No I don't!" I yelped covering my face glaring into my hands. Stupid feelings!

"What does Alphys usually say...? Oh, right. I ship it!" He laughed walking to class as I thought I died of how dark my blush was.

He actually said it!?

"Why are all my friends saying that!?" I yelled at him.

"You want to come with me after school to visit Goth? I'm sure he would like to see you." Palete asked as I agreed to come after my blush died down a little.

"Great! I can tell him about your crush now!" Palete laughed as my blush returned.

"Palete!?" I gasped as he shook his head looking at his feet as he had a sad smile on his face.

"Thanks. You really know how to cheer a friend up." He sighed smiling what I'd imagine Goth would describe as a heart warming smile.

"...No problem..." I smiled back as we walked to our classes.

I went through the whole school day I usually did and was relieved once it was over.

Me and Palete went over to the hospital to visit Goth, Savage ended up joining us because she said she needed to know where it was just in case.

Goth seemed shocked once I told him how I found him in detail, and was shocked when I told them all about the text.

Palete stayed right next to Goth asking if he was okay. Goth nodded and started questioning what number texted me. Savage was near the window looking pissed.

Probably because someone hurt Goth.

She has this thing where who ever is my friend is hers, as long as there no reason for her not to be enemies with them though.

I answered every question that was thrown my way until we had to leave, I hope Goth heals soon...for Palete's sake.

AN; Hope you all enjoyed!

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