I am your Godess (Black⭐️Star x Reader)

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Also, this is my first time writing an x Reader, so I'm sorry if it's really bad.

Y/n = Your name
L/n = Last name
H/l = Hair length
H/c = Hair color
Your POV~

I was currently walking to school with my weapon, Rowen. He was average hight, and had spectacular green eyes and black hair. As I started to skip across the cobblestone sidewalk, he just smiled and quickened his pace.

"Y/n, are you excited for our first day at the DWMA?" He inquired, though her already knew the answer.

I tilted my head so I could look at him and grinned. "Hell yea! I want to meet new people!"

Rowen just sighed as we continued our march towards the DWMA.

~Timeskip brought to you by Y/n's enthusiasm~

I flopped down to the ground, barely able to hold myself up.

"What happened to all that excitement you had?" My partner questioned, looking down at me with a smirk displayed on his pale face.

"It died along with my stamina. It's not my fault the DWMA has these huge ass stairs. And how are you not tired?"

He shrugged in response and offered his hand, which I gladly accepted. After I got back to my feet we entered the large building.

Pulling out our schedule, I skimmed over my classes. I was put into the EAT class, as I was already quite experienced with a weapon.

Rowen glanced over my shoulder. "I guess we have to go find Professor Stein's class."

I nodded and we both began to search the halls for the class number.

After a few minutes, we found the classroom and slowly opened the door. As Rowen and I entered, all the students in the room turned their heads to look at us. I blushed out of embarrassment and closed the door. The adult, who I assumed was Professor Stein, beckoned is over.

"I see you are the new students I was told about that would be joining my classes. Please introduce yourself." He leaned back on his chair.

"My name is Y/n Y/l. I am 15 and a Meister." I looked at my feet as I spoke, playing with my h/l h/c colored hair.

"My name's Rowen Peter, and I am a 15 year old weapon. My weapon form is a Bow."

After we finished our introductions, we sat down. Of course I sat next to my partner in the corner of the room. I was a little shy when it came to new people.
A few minutes later I heard shuffling and noticed a blue haired student move and sit behind Rowen and I.

"So, I heard your name is Y/n?" He asked.

I nodded.

"Well then. I hope you know that I, the great and almighty Black⭐️Star will surpass god one day. And I don't like it when people take my spotlight, for I AM GOD!"

I giggled quietly. "Well, then I am a goddess."

He stopped his rant and looked at me in surprise. Then he took a moment to eye me over and his reply caught me off guard.

"Well, I suppose you are worthy of that title. Your beauty transcends even the gods. It would be on honor if you would be my goddess?"

My face heated up instantly and I sputtered. "I was really just joking. And I'm not really beautiful..."

Black⭐️Star frowned then looped his arm around my shoulder. "Why do you doubt yourself? If I, the almighty Black⭐️Star say someone's beautiful, then that someone is beautiful. On that note, would you kindly accompany on a date later today, Y/n?"

I swear if I could see myself right now, I would probably be as red as a cherry.

Swallowing, I shyly replied.

"Of course I would love to go on a date with a person who will transcend the gods."

As Black⭐️Star and I talked, Rowen noticed a black haired girl whose hair was pulled up into a high ponytail taking pictures of you and your new date. Rowen held in a laugh as the girl mumbled something along the lines of "my new ship."
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