Chapter Twenty-Seven

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The powerful energy calling to Merlin and I stopped in a clearing. In the middle of said clearing were two stones, one which was almost diamond-like, the sunlight glinting off of it and making a rainbow. The other stone which was more like a rock, sitting plainly.

Standing ominously in front of the pillars where the stones were placed, stood a man in a dark cloak that covered his face. The air around him was much like that foreboding feeling you get when you just know something is wrong.

Eir moved to shield me from the man, her face wary as she wondered what to expect from him. Merlin readied himself as well, the air around him crackling as he called on his lightning. The air around us was tense as we stared the mysterious man down.

Straightening up, the man stretched his face upwards, facing us. I started at what I saw. His eyes and his lips were sewn shut, yet somehow I got the feeling he could see us. He had an abundance of scars on his face. He looked ageless, like guessing exactly how old he was would be difficult. In some ways, he looked young and in others, he looked old. He was the strangest person I'd ever seen.


His voice called out to me from inside my head, causing me to stumble back and place a hand on my head in surprise.

"M'lady," said Eir in surprise, unsheathing her sword and staring the man down.

"No, Eir, don't." I was surprised by how firm my voice was and Eir paused, not moving a muscle.

"Who are you?" I asked, narrowing my eyes in confusion.

"I have no name," answered the man, speaking to me inside my head. "I was born on this island and I will die on this island. I only exist for this meeting. For many years, I have protected the stone that can create Excalibur."

I looked at him warily. "And I don't suppose you'd be open to just handing the sword over?"

"I'm afraid not, Sibyl."

"You know about me?"

Eir, Rubrae, and Merlin looked back and forth between me and the mysterious man with no name, their faces showing both confusion and annoyance. Clearly, I was the only one who could hear this man and they were eager to know what we were talking about.

"Of course I know you. You are Sibyl, queen of Avalon and ruler of all magical creatures. Your mother, Nicole, gave you the name Lucinda. You are from the land America and you enjoy painting. I know all there is to know about you. I see all."

I found that hard to believe, especially since he had no eyes. But still, I couldn't deny what was right in front of me. He knew a lot about me, more than a stranger should know.

"You do not need eyes to see, Sibyl," he answered, apparently hearing my thoughts about the whole him not having eyes thing. "In fact, those with sight see far less than those without."

"Okay. Not like I'm not enjoying the Yoda thing," I spoke up, trying to not be freaked out by how this guy was literally inside my head. "But we're here for the stone. If you won't just hand it over, what do you want for it?"

"I wish for nothing," said the man. "You must choose from these two stones. Which stone carries the power to wield Excalibur. If you choose correctly, you and your friends can leave here with not interference from these creatures. I will also lend my power granted to me by the gods, to see you back to Avalon without interference from Morgana."

"And if I chose wrong?"

"Then you and your friends will die here."

"You're going to kill us?"

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