Oh My Boss! I - Artem Markelov

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YN... oh My beautiful sexy mysterious Boss YN...

If you're gonna talk about the most powerful CEO's of the state, Ms. YN Y/L/N is the first name you should mention. She owns the biggest and more successful car company having some of the greatest along her. She's the most smart, intelligent, person I've ever meet and I feel absolutely lucky to be her assistant.
But here, we should mention the fact that she's probably the most dry boss anyone could have. Yeah she's smart, intelligent amazing and all this stuff but she's very weird and cold. She's dominant, intense and very very calm which is absolutely annoying. Yet, she's the most stunning women I've ever seen in my entire existence, sexy, powerful, focused and so so damn beautiful. The way she talks, the way she writes, the way she looks at you seems like she can read your thoughts but man is so sensual and I feel everything around me tighten. Her small lips painted in red wine velvet lipstick mumbling low when she's reading some documents, she suddenly biting her lower lip oh that only makes me imagine her wrapped around me while I go hard inside her mouth.

I remember the first time I got into the building to do the interview, when I saw her for the first time, she laid her eyes on me while talking on the phone. I couldn't avoid to look her up and down. Her beautiful hair laying in her shoulders, her deliciously god-given body with the curves in the right places, a very beautiful booty inside a pair of dark skinny jeans drawing her perfect body, a white button up transparent  shirt with two buttons open showing nothing but a small necklace which she wears everyday, high heels matching the jeans. Even her feet was perfect. She's already in her 30's but she stills look absolutely beautiful and very very stunning.

Well I feel attracted to her. Everything in my body screams her name and last name. I want, need and will have her. Maybe not today but one day.

Sometimes it seems like she's trying to seduce me but she's so intense with everyone that becomes complicated to know it. She never had a boyfriend since I've meet her, her family is always away maybe because they have different types of business. While she's into cars, they are into fashion design. Her father is the only who who supports her.
But God she's wonderful... Intense, but wonderful, every man inside this building wants her, that's not new but no one knows who she wants...

"Y/L/N entreprises, this is Artem Markelov speaking, how can I help you?"

"Mr. Markelov, 5 minutes in my office, please." Oh my boss's voice sounds making me snap of my sexual fantasies with her. Her cold yet warm voice was always sexualy exciting and oh boy, I always wondered how her moans would sound.

"Yes Ms. Y/L/N I'm on my way." She hung up before I finished but it was already normal. I was just wondering why she wanted to see me so early in the morning, since she's so busy with the new projects and collaborations with Mercedes AMG right now. Every single project was analysed by her and only her before any other person. She always took care of everything by herself which made her look much more hot damn. Her smart mouth arguing with pretty old man during business meetings, but winning all the fights because she's always right. Lord, boy, bless that mouth.

"Artem, hey!" One of the administrator assistants called out when I was about to go into my boss's room making me stop and smile at her. "Hey I didn't saw you last week." She gets closer reaching out to kiss my cheek.

"Hey! Sorry I've been working a lot, you know we're in the projects season." She rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, but SHE doesn't want you for the same reason I want. Plus we all know how annoying she is." Oh if you only knew...

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