Wonderful Warnings

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I laughed as me and Rosa walked to the park. I was so tired already. I guess I hadn't slept much the night before or something. But... this park is known for some crazy shit. I looked around and spotted Gumball running from a turtle and I began to laugh as I walked over. The tur- thing looked at me and hissed as I sighed and picked it up. Gumball was silently screaming for me to put him down and I gently pet the things head. "One it's not a 'him' it's a 'her'" I corrected. "And she is in pain." I barked at him and he started dumbfounded at me as I rubbed the things belly. "Her stomach is very hard." I said and the creature almost purred...? "Look this isn't a pet. It's a wild animal. I'll take her where she belongs." I said and Gumball nodded quickly. "P-Please do... She tried to eat me." He said and Rosa began to laugh. "Oh so he's the kitty kat you told me about. I'll stay and calm him down." Rosa said and I shrugged.
I guess no introduction needed.... "Just give me five minutes." I said and walked off, carrying the turtle like creature.

Rosa's POV

I watched her leave and then looked at the blue haired neko. "So you're Gumball." I said and he looked at me with a nod. "Yeah and who's asking?" He tried to puff out his chest and I sighed.
(Y/n) what do you see in this brat...
I looked at the boy with two orange eyes as I crossed my arms. "The name is Rosa. And I'm here to warn you if you hurt that girl in any shape or form. I will personally cut out your heart and feed to the fishes. Because I care-" I stopped speaking as (y/n) walked back up. Gumball's tail was fluffed up with fear and (y/n) leaned over his shoulder, kissing his cheek. "Kitty you okai?" She asked and I glared at him as he nodded.
Good he's scared to even touch her. I've done my job. "Come on, (y/n). He's got to get home so he can fix those cuts." I said as I walked off. (Y/n) watched as she hug Gumball and he hugged her back. "See ya soon kitty." She said and walked next to me.

Darwin's POV 

I looked at Gumball from behind the bushes and waited for the girls to be gone before I jumped out. "Bro that girl is nuts!" I said and he is nodded. And I have to carry him home... Or throw him in the lake.
Lake is a better option.

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