Chapter 8|Rose🌹|

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Aunt Piper and I rushed to the gates of the castle. Standing in the remains of the front gate was that man from Aunt Piper's story Luke, his son, and the man in the garden. I was mad he was back, but seeing him scratched up and bloody made me feel better.

Aunt Piper stood in front of me, shielding me. Or hiding me. Probably both. She spoke.

"Luke. Octavian. What do you want?"
"Simple. Annabeth and Rosalie." Luke sneered.
"I won't let you."
"Then I guess you too."
"What's bout Giselle and Gabriel?"
"They can join in the fun."
"Leave Luke. Get off my property. Get away from my family. Just leave."
"Ah, but Ms. McLean-"
"It's Grace."
"Mrs. Grace we must have the royals of Oceania. I heard the sleeping poison worked. Anyway, you and I can rise to power."
"No, I refuse to betray my family."
"What about Annabeth's lady in waiting? I hear she has a family now."
"What did you do?"
"Nothing. Just wanted to tell you."

Aunt Piper turned to me.

"Rose, go hide. Your mother will be safe with me. Take Giselle and Gabriel with you. Run. Don't let them find you. They can't find you. Don't go home. Go to my friend Leo's kingdom. Vulcanite."

I ran to Giselle's room.

"Come on! Where's Gab?"
"I'm up." he moaned.
"Come on!" I shouted.
"Attack! Luke!"
"We're coming."

They jumped out of bed in their sleeping clothes. Giselle was still wearing a nightgown while Gabriel had a tunic on. They grabbed their hands and ran out the door.

A scream came from the castle gates. Aunt Piper. I almost rushed towards the gates, then realized what she told me to do. Giselle, Gabriel and I ran the other way, to the gardens.

We collapsed in thee grass. Giselle sat up and hugged her knees. I felt weak. Aunt Piper was going to get kidnapped and we ran away. Like cowards. Gabriel watched the moon glow in the pitch black darkness. I sighed. Why couldn't life be easy?

My father and uncle are off to war. My mother's in a deep sleep. My aunt got kidnapped. I turned to the twins.

"We have to go to Vulcanite. Aunt Piper's friend is there." my voice shook.

They nodded. Lucky for us, Gabriel knew how to get anywhere. He was skilled like that. Even in the dark of night, he knew how to navigate. He looked around.

"North." he said, then pointed in that direction.

We nodded. Then started running.

"Gab? How far?" his sister asked.
"Not far Elle. We're at the border."
"I hope they take us in." Giselle sighed.

I looked up at the stars. They reminded me of the smiling faces of my parents. I still remembered the day we got stuck on the road and had to camp for the night.


I was five years old. We were outside. My parents were supposed to be at a meeting with the country leaders. But the carriage wheel had broken and we didn't have a spare. I was pressed against my mother outside in the grass.

"Mommy? Are we going to be okay?" my little five year old self asked.

My mother smiled at me. Her blond her fell to her cheeks and her gray eyes sparkled. Now I wonder if I'll ever see those eyes again.

"Of course we will Rose. But for now, let's look at the stars."

She pointed upwards, to the glimmering dots in the sky. My father sat next to my mother and put me on his lap. I looked up.

"Papa? What's that star?" I asked.
"That one?" He wondered.

I nodded.

"That's Polaris. The North Star."

My mother laughed as he said that. I looked up again.

"It's so bright and shiny."

I reached up a hand to try and touch it. I was so beautiful, so enticing. When I almost fell over, my mother righted me and set me back on my father's legs.

"Mommy! What are those...." I paused counting in my head, "seven stars called? They seem very close to each other."

It was my father that laughed this time. He gave her a smirk saying, 'bet you don't know this one.' She punched him in the arm.

"That's the seven sisters, the pleiades."

That night, we slept on the ground. My parents grinned as I ran around or stretched my hands to try and touch them. It was the first time we spent the night outside.

End of Flashback

That moment brought back so many memories. I looked up again. I saw something in the stars. A sweet smile. Like my mother's. Giselle was tapping my shoulder.

"Rose we have to go now."
"Why?" I asked.

She went quiet. I listened and heard shuffling sounds.

"Find them! They are useful to our cause!"

I saw the men come outside to the garden. They wore scowls on their faces. Evil sneers. Luke was in charge of them. He held Aunt Piper's wrist. We dove into the bushes.

I had a feeling someone saw us. But it wasn't who I expected. Richard. His eyes grew wide. I tried to give him a look pleading him not to tell. He said nothing and turned back to his father.

My heart stopped. Was he going to tell? But he didn't opened his mouth. I let out the breath I was holding. Thank goodness. Luke turned to Aunt Piper.

"Tell me where they are!" he shouted.
"Never." she whispered.

Luke shouted in a rage.

"You don't want me killing you. Your children, alone without a mother. That almost happened to young Rose. I could kill you, your husband, Annabeth and Percy. Aren't you afraid?"
"As long as the children are safe, I will die." Aunt Piper said, confidently.

He cackled. Then turned to my aunt.

"Did you know that Ms. Annabeth is having another little troublemaker? Maybe he or she will be more powerful than Rose. Or not. I could kill her in her sleep. The baby would die. And so would you."
"H-how do you know this?"
"I suspected when I gave her the poison. You are all oblivious to her, aren't you? Tell me where the children are."

Aunt Piper looked around. Then she screamed at the top of her lungs. I took Giselle's hand. She held her brother. And we ran.

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