Chapter 1

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I sat down in front of the school doors, not caring much about finding a seat other than the ground. There was too much information crashing around in my head.

"So, why are you here again?" I asked Jaycen. He laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his head.

"Like I said, I'm here to assemble the Descendants and find the Cave of Legends," he explained, yet again. And, yet again, it made no sense to me.

"What's the Cave of Legends?" Link wondered.

"And what do you mean by Descendants?" I asked.

"Beckham? I thought you knew all this..." Jaycen trailed off. "It is inscribed in the scroll that you are our leader."

"The what? I'm what?" I spluttered. Grace sighed.

"I told you he knows nothing," she said.

"Hey!" I retaliated, before realizing she was right. "Ugh... Can you explain that?"

"The Spirit Scroll... It is inscribed that you are the leader of the Descendants," Jaycen replied. I could tell he really was trying to explain further, but he kept using terms that didn't help at all.

"Whatever," I sighed, deciding to focus on it later. "Grace, why are you here?"

"Jaycen had to find his way-" Grace began.

"But why are you still here?" I specified. The comment earned a punch to the shoulder from Laelyn, but I ignored it.

"I... Wanted to see you..." She responded.

"After five years, you suddenly decide you want to see me?" I mused. "To what do I owe the honor?" I rolled my eyes and turned away, thinking about everything Jaycen had said.

"Beck!" Laelyn chastised.

"What," I replied emotionlessly, still deep in thought. No one responded until finally Isaac spoke up.

"So how about this weather today, huh?" He chuckled. When no one replied, he sighed. "Geez, tough crowd."

"They're going through some stuff, you can't blame them," Mason whispered, but not quietly enough.

"If I may," Jaycen began, clearing his throat, "I would very much like to assess the situation."

"I'm sorry?" I sighed.

"Well, you are upset, seemingly because your sister has made no attempt to contact you until now, when she had to. Is that correct?" He waited, but I didn't say a word. "Precisely. And Grace, you are worried that Beckham may not accept you. Now it seems to me that all these negative feelings are coming from your shared care for one another."

"Oh, what are you, a therapist?" I yelled, turning back toward him and Grace. His explanation was too sugar coated for my liking.

"A High Knight, actually, but I have been told I have a knack for-"

"I was being sarcastic." I cut him off, irritably. "Now tell me again why you're here? And why you seem to know an uncomfortable amount about us?"

"It's all here in the Spirit Scroll and-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... Where'd you get that thing anyways?" Isaac interrupted.

"My parents had it. They said I would save them, or... Whoever they meant. It is inscribed that I am the Guardian. Isaac, you and Mason do not have titles inscribed, however, you are vital to the prophecy. There is a navigator, but it does not seem as though they have been recognized yet, and our leader, as I said before, is Beckham."

"Prophecy?" Mason repeated, seemingly entranced with the word.

"Yes, it is inscribed here that-"

"Stop saying inscribed!" I complained. "We get it!"

"It is inscribed in the journal-"

"I don't care!"

"Hey guys?" Link asked. I ignored him.

"Seriously, who are you, and where are you from anyways? And why do you know all of this? What even are the Descendants?" I asked, my confusion coming out as anger.

"Guys..." Mason repeated quietly.

"My name is Jaycen Lariviere of Androma, and I-"

"Guys!" Isaac said, much more urgently. I was bent on ignoring them again before I heard Laelyn's unmistakable scream accompanied by a flash of red light. Whipping around, I saw her in the arms of a man with light grey skin and silver eyes - I would have mistaken him for Daeva if it weren't for the twisted smile on his masculine face, showing rows of fangs.

As Link and I lunged forward to save Laelyn, she and the man disappeared into a portal that winked out directly after. Everyone stood in shocked silence for a moment before Jaycen cleared his throat and said, with intense and unexpected anger,


Author's Note!

Okayyyy so I was too excited to wait for tomorrow, so here's an early update! I hope y'all like it, I know I've already left you on a cliffhanger and it's only chapter one but you love meeeee! 

Alright, love you guys so much! Lemme know what you think so far in the comments. And who you think that man is! Byyyyyye!


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