Chapter 6

Kenzie's P.O.V

"I dare you." Niall laughed pointing the plate of chillies he had specifically ordered ranging for mild to extremely hot. "Eat it!"

"I can't!" I protested shaking my head and shoving the plate back over to Niall.

"Go on Kenzie!" Danielle encouraged pushing the plate back towards me.

Our table at Nandos was one of the rowdiest there, we were all laughing, shouting and giving each other wacky and out there dare's.

"She's too afraid." Liam snickered poking his tongue out at me.

I leaned over the table and punched him gently in the arm, "Shut up. Fine, I'll do it."

"YAY!" Everyone cheered throwing their hands up triumphantly causing a few people to turn and look at us weirdly.

I picked up one of the mild chilli's in my palm, "Oh, no, no, no." Louis said plucking it out of my hand and eating it, "You're going to eat this one." He smirked picking up the extra hot one and waving it around in front of my face.

The whole table erupted in a loud, "Ooooh!"

"Even I have trouble eating those and that's coming from me." Niall admitted shooting a, 'Good luck' smile at me. Thanks for the encouragement Nialler, I thought bitterly.

"No way!" I cried, "I cannot eat that, I'll die!"

"Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!" Everyone chanted banging the table with their cutlery.

Reluctantly I grabbed the chilli from Lou and slowly raised it to my mouth. "Come on babe, you can do it!" Lou smiled beautifully slinging his arm around my shoulder. Babe? Did he just call me babe? An uncontrollable smile made it's way onto my face and a faint blush tinged my cheeks, he called me babe!

"I don't know if I can." I whispered to him softly.

He cupped the side of my face with his hands forcing me to look into his stunning, popping blue eyes. "Do it for me?" He asked shyly.

I sighed knowing there was no way I'd be able to resist his charm, the effect he had on me was way to powerful. I slowly placed it in my mouth, the table fell into silence and everyone stared at me expectedly.

"She's won't be able to do it." Zayn said, "I tried in X-Factor it was awful."

"I remember that!" Louis laughed, "You ran away screaming WATER!"

At first I tasted nothing, it was actually quite nice, as I bit further into the chilli a weird sensation filled my mouth. It was burning, my whole mouth was on fire! I started coughing and reached for the glass of water sitting in front of Zayn while everyone doubled over in laughter.

"Her face!" Liam laughed, "It's bright red!"

"Shut up!" I spluttered, I threw the glass of water back and chugged it. The water dowsed the burning feeling momentarily leaving my tongue and lips tingling. "My mouth is numb." I whined slamming the cup on the table.

"Aww, poor Kenzie." Louis murmured sympathetically pulling me under his arm and kissing my cheek. I snuggled into his chest loving the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around me.

"I have to admit, she did better than you Zayn." Niall chuckled causing Zayn to roll his eyes and try to hide the smile playing on the edge of his lips.

"You guys come up with the worst dares." I laughed pressing my fingers to my lips trying to stop the tingling.

"But you love us for it." Danielle smiled.

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