Izeiah's Pov

"Hey. Here's an idea. Shut up?"

Naramdaman ko ang titig ni Ivan. It's been awhile. I never feel invaded again, I feel an uncomfortable peace, I know it's not the right one I'm still trying to find the peace that I would want to settle in forever.




I looked up the sky. It's raining. It can hear my agony, that's why it's pouring down the best company it thinks I need.

"Shit. Umuulan na." Saad ni Clarisse. I rolled my eyes. Way to state the obvious.

"I'll get going." I said and left without hearing their reply. Oh well, I couldn't care less.

Nung nakarating ako sa gubat nakita ko ang mga lamps na in-install ng Headmaster kamakailan lang dahil ilang beses na akong nawala dito.

Third lamp then take a turn to the left then you'll reach Ren's house, almost. You only have to go over the fence.

I was at the second lamp when someone jumped infront of me. Nagulat ako at humakbang ng patalikod.

"Sino ka?"

"Been awhile, huh?" Sabi nito. Bumilis ang tibok ng puso ko. He looks familiar.

"To think someone could raise me from the dead." He brought his hand near his face and studied it before returning his attention back to me.

"And to also meet the one who send me to Hell, is really a pleasure." Bulong nito pero narinig ko ito dahil sa tahimik ang paligid. Could this be Karma?

Nanginginig kong kinuha ang baril ko.

"Who are you?" Ngumisi ito at humakbang palapit.

"I am...." humakbang ito palapit.

"Your nightmare!" Bigla siyang tumalon kaya napatalon ako at tatakbo na sana ng nahuli niya ang kwelyo ko.

"Bruh, relax. I'm just messing with you." Sabi nito at tumawa. Sinipa ko ito ng malakas at gumawa ng distansya between us.

"Who are you?"

"I'm here to ask about the file by the way. And if I forgot to tell who I were, well, think no more, I'm Ian, the first ever untamed you killed but didn't die." He said.

"That guy?" I tried to remember it.

"I don't remember any guy." I continued.

"How about the guy who wants the file?" Ah. That guy.

"I already have it. Why do need it?" Sumeryoso ang mukha nito.

"None of your business." Sabi nito at ibinigay saakin ang isang flashdrive.

"Copy the file to that flashdrive, I'll pick it up some time. And oh, you haven't tell me what you wanted inexchange for the file?" Napaisip ako.

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