Chapter one: The birth of nightmares in paradise!

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The Diary of an Angel

Chapter one: The birth of nightmares in paradise!

A Monday in January 2010

Today I have fought with a horrible demon, it's a angel that left paradise and became a demon instead. It's a sad story, because before he became like this, my enemy, he was my friend and a great angel. But those are the things in life that we can't change, not even God could. You call them the things of life. We can hope and try, but in the end there's only one person who can do something about it and that's the person him- or herself! Sometimes those are matters of life and death, but none knows how it'll turn out in the end. 

Luckily enough there were also happy, less depressing things. You see today we had French friends over at our school. It was very amusing thanks to Karvain. She was telling things about the french guys to me and Arinis, thinking that they wouldn't understand a word because we talked in another language. The fun part was were the guy understood and answered in English. I never saw Karvain turning so red before today -smile. The hole group laughed about it. A great way to break the ice between us and our guests. Only Karvain wasn't happy with it, but that changed fast as one of the fresh guys asked her out on a date -smile.  

The weather was horrible outside. The wind was so strong and destructive that it destroyed a lot of tings on earth, but also in heaven. Sadly enough the whether also prevented us from doing much outside. You see those heavy storms are very dangerous for angels. If we fly in that weather our wings could get injured and that would leave us very vulnerable, for the attack of demons.


A weekend in January 2010

The weekend is finally there! It was a very long and tiring week with a lot of work at school and outside of it. But now I have a bit of time to relax. The people responsible for me Karvain, and Arinis and some other angels that sleep at our place are gone on a mission to another place in paradise. So for us that means that Gabrielle is gone for a wile and that some other important archangel will come to watch over us temporarily.  

However I still could amuse me well with Pegase. Pegase is a horse, not just any horse but a fantastic winged horse! I have amused myself by flying to the earth with him. So I could play a bit with the demons there. It's sort of funny. You see, they can't fly higher then a skyscraper, because if they do otherwise they get burned by the proximity of the sun. and me and Pegase flied just out of there reach the hole time. Luckily the new archangel didn't know this. Because if he found out about this one day, heaven would become hell for one day. At least for me.


A Wednesday in January 2010

Finaly Wednesday! Today I only have a half day of class. And I have seen Gabrielle! He's back !!! And God he's so beautiful. Of cours al the Archangels are beautiful, but Gabrielle is special! He has this gift to make his beauty look simple and careless like it's nothing at all. I bet that if you would torture him and dress him with nothing more than rags he still would look like a supermodel. Only ten times better! 

After our reunion with Gabrielle, Karvain told me a sad and romantic story all in one. It was about a demon, who knew how to get to paradise without being burned. If I think about it now it seems logic, but still shouldn't God have foreseen this? The demon flies to paradise during the night because the sun, that still can hit him than, is less strong than during the day. That part sound logic, at least to me it does, still the little sun that is present should burn him before he could cause trouble. But apparently he was able to fiend a way to create a shield of darkness. This shield prevents him from burning. Than he searches for a weak link in the defence of paradise to enter. Once he entered Paradise disguised as an Angel he searches one angel, particularly Arinis. Yes, indeed our beloved friend. Why he chooses her is a riddle to me. But once he fiends her he disturbs her dreams by entering them and changing them into horrible nightmares. It's a sad story for Arinis, because she's completely defenceless against that demon.  

Therefore I went to see Gabrielle and asked him for help. He promised to take care of it. You see, sometimes demons can he transformed into angels. It's a rare thing to happen, but with a lot of luck and hope their is a chance of succeeding. And therefore we should all hope for it to work out. Not only for Arinis, but also for that demon!



So this is the first chapter, tell me what you think about it, please.

Just to let you know, everything that happened in this story really happened to me or one of my friends. You see I wrote this when I was 16 for my writing exam French. The teacher ordered us to write a diary for a week or 5 and I decided that it would be very boring to write it in the old-fashioned way. Because you can't really write: "God I hate that teacher", but I could write "God those Cherubim are idiots." Of course my teacher suspected that I was talking about a teacher, but he couldn't prove it -smile.  

This writing exercise was rewarded with an A-plus and a comment "Such an imagination, I loved to read it."  

The teacher even told me that he was sad that the exercise was over, because together with the exercise, the story of Orfe, Arinis and Karvain died.  

Of cours we still had a lot of adventures in our real forms of teenage girls, but he couldn't read them anymore.  

So I hope you understand this story better now

Grts SnowAngel

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