thank you!

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I can't believe it's over. Ugh! This rewrite has made me so happy because the change was truly amazing and I enjoyed making it into what it is now. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed reading it as I did writing it. Each and every one of you who have clicked on this story and read, voted, commented, etc, I thank. Because without the readers, a writer can't do much. Seeing the amazing and positive comments every day just pushes me to keep writing and keeps me inspired.

If you are thinking of making a story, go for it! Don't be afraid that it'll be bad. It might and that's ok. Because you learn as you go along. You fix your mistakes! Now I'm going to go and work on my endless ideas lol!

So again, thank you to all who have stuck till the end of Arabella's journey and I hope you enjoyed the story! I look forward to seeing you guys on my other stories! Thanks again so much! I love all of you!

-love, dove (aka mama ouat)

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