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"Calum, you gotta be quiet. If my parents wake up and see I'm trying to sneak a boy in, my head will be on a silver platter." I whisper before quietly opening the door, it creaks loudly making me stop adruptly making sure no one steered upstairs. I held my breath hoping that my parents hadn't woken up and my prayers had been answered when no one moved upstairs. The clicking off the clock was the only noise that echoed through the house.

As soon the door was open enough for us to slip in we walked silently into my house, and our shoes squeaking on the hard wood floor.

"We might want to take our shoes off." Calum whispered barely audible for me to hear. He knew how much trouble I could get in so thank god he was quieter than Meredith.

In all the years i had known Meredith never once was she quiet when we tried to sneak into my house after a party. She would stomp up the steps scream at the top of her lungs, cause for the most part she was white girl wasted. She wasn't well at consuming alcohol, she's a fucking light weight. Like two shots of vodka or tequila she would be slurring her words and tripping over nothing.

"Great idea." I mumble struggling to pull off my soaking wet maroon high top converse. "Mind helping me?" I stuck out my leg in front of Calum's face and leaned against the door to keep me balance. He untied my shoes slipping it off slowing letting a big pile of water drip on the floor.

"This feels like Cinderella but backwards cause i'm taking your shoe off instead." Calum chuckles setting my shoe down on the ground and reaching for the other one. I try switching legs but my wet socks slip and i fall backwards on the floor sending a loud bang to echo through the house. I can't help but burst out laughing, with Calum following suit. The lights flicker upstairs, meaning only one thing; the beast is alive. That means I'm screwed for life.

"Shit." This can't be happening right now, i honestly am going to be sccrewed for life.

"Garland Rose Thompson what is going on here?" My mother bellowed walking down the steps. She eyes me and then her eyes drift to Calum who's standing there with his hands behind his back and i can tell he's trying to hold back laughter; as am i.

"oh hey what's up." I say causally sitting up on my elbows.

"Who is this?" My mother says pointing to Calum. Well shit, how am i going to explain this.

"This is Calum. He's staying with his grandmother this summer, and we met at that party. You know the end of the school year party i go to every year? Anyway, it may or may not have been busted by the police, and we may have or may have not ran from the scene. But we got to Sandtrack road and walked home, and it started raining and Calum's grandmother lives like a forty-five minute walk away so i thought he could just stay here instead of having to walk in the rain and get sick." I rambled on.

"Okay, get to bed. There's some of Peter's old clothes in the guest room that could fit Calum. Now goodnight and no fooling around." My mom barks shaking her finger at me.


"Don't scream Garland, just go to bed." She said walking up back upstairs.

"Holy shit, she must really like you dude. She's never done that with anyone. She used to yell bloody murder at Meredith and I." I mumble pulling Calum towards the stairs.

It was foreign bringing a guy upstairs, i've had boyfriends before but my parents never let them upstairs which i was totally okay with cause they all ended up being assholes anyway.

"I was surprised too i thought she was going to ring my neck." Calum whispered wrapping his arms around my waist and lifting me up. He spun me around sending laughter from both of us to echo through the house.

We walked up the steps -or should i say Calum because he wouldn't set me down- and quietly i helped him to my room. We cracked open the door to my room and stepped inside, thank god i had remembered to clean it before the party.

"If you will be so kind and set me down i can get you some clean clothes to wear." I mumble still lying across Calum's shoulders.

"Oh right sorry." Calum mumbles cutely setting me on the ground.

"I'll be back, don't touch anything." I joke running across the hall to Peter's old room.

Peter's my older brother who is 22, he lives with a few of his friends in the south part of California and comes to visits around the holidays. He's in a small band that;s kinda popular around here so he thinks he the fucking best guitarist ever, which he isn't even close to Blink's guitarist. He's like 6 feet tall though so i would never say that to him, he would punch me.

I grabbed a pair of boxers, sweats, and a t-shirt and made my way back to my be room. I watch Calum scan around my room looking at all my stuff. He had a cute smile on his face and his eyes shined bright.

"Didn't i say not to touch anything." I joked again watching his jump and set down a picture he was looking at.

"S-sorry." Calum stuttered again, he was the cutest thing when he did that. Afterwards he would bit his lips and his cheeks would turn a light shade of pink.

"I'm just kidding, here's the clothes, the bathroom is just down the hall." I hand him his clothes with a smile on my face. He sent me a smile before walking out of the room. I shut the door and stripped off my wet clothes. I through on some new underwear and a very large over sized shirt that went down to my knees. A small knock appeared at the door before CAlum's face popped in with his eyes squeezed shut.

"Is it safe to come in?" Calum whispered his eyes still screwed shut.

"Yes i'm covered." I chuckled. "What never seen a girl naked?" I questioned him once he opened his eyes.

"No i just didn't want to take advance of you." Calum whispered sweetly.

"Well aren't you a gentlemen." I smiled. "You can take the bed, i'll sleep on the floor." I grabbed a pillow and blanket off my bed and threw them on the soft carpeted ground.

"Nonsense, you sleep on the bed. It's the least i can do for you letting me stay at your house." Calum said laying down on the ground.

"I can't let you do that, my mom would kill me. How about we jus share the bed,i mean its big enough for too." I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks as soon as the words fell out of my outh. Calum smiled jumping off of the ground and pulling me onto the bed with him.

"Thanks Garland Rose, for everything." He whispers kissing my cheek sending a blush to reappear on his face, and mine as well.

I'm glad Calum got it trouble -not like that- but i'm glad his mom sent him to live with his grandmother for the summer. I'm glad he went to that party not knowing anyone. I'm glad we made eye contact from across the make shift dance floor. I'm glad he followed me outside. I'm glad he told me his name and i waited to tell him mine. I'm glad he finally decided to dance with me, even if we were the worst dancers known to man. I'm glad the cops showed up and busted people. I'm glad that me and Calum ran away together. I glad it started raining and Calum stayed over at my house.

All in all I'm just glad i got to meet him.

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