Chapter 1

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Clarissa's POV :

Today is my wedding day!!! Yeah, you guys must be wondering how I'm so excited about an arranged marriage, but I trust my parents and I love them too much to deny them. I know they would want the best for me.

When my parents told me about it, I totally lashed out on them. Just kidding! I was perfectly calm about it. Basically, the girl would lash out on her parents and start hating her husband and start locking him in the bathroom while tying him to the toilet and stuffing cloths in his mouth.......Okaaaay, no one does that.....except me. Ok that's the end of that discussion.

Anyway, my fiance's name is Ricardo Lardhart. Yep, he's a billionaire. I want to give him a chance and cooperate with him without lashing out on him. Not at all for his money. I don't give a care for his money. I've never been in love. It has ups and downs, but I want it all to be with Ricardo. I've seen him in pictures. He's the most handsome man I've ever seen.

I'm so lucky to be marrying him. I have a gut feeling that I'll like him. I was all ready, my make-up done and I'm ready to walk down the aisle. I was really nervous. Just then my dad came with fresh tears in his eyes, but he didn't cry. There were tears welling up in my eyes as well.

"Always remember I'm there for you princess."

"I'll never forget dad."

With that, the wedding music started and I walked down the aisle. Everyone was looking at me in awe. I could feel my cheeks becoming red as I saw Ricardo staring at me. My dad placed my hand in Ricardo's and said,"Take care of her son." Ricardo nodded his head sternly.

Now I could see him clearly although I was under a veil. He looked stunning in his tuxedo and absolutely gorgeous. The priest began all the wedding statements. It was time for the I do's.

Ricardo sternly replied, "I do."

I also replied, "I do."

"You may now kiss the bride."

Ricardo removed my veil and my eyes met with his eyes. His eyes were emerald green. He had Greek god-like features, especially those eyes. He was half Italian. His eyes were fine when he was looking at my dad. While looking at me, his eyes are so cold. I closed my eyes. He gave me a peck on my cheek in an angle so that people would think it was on the lips.

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