Ch 1 Oh just give up already, Mr. Alpha

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"Christina! WAKE UP!" Mom screamed from downstairs.

I turned to my side, hoping to block out her insanely loud voice, only to fall off my bed. Groaning, I crawled into my bathroom where I took a quick shower, and now stood in a towel staring at my full length mirror. I looked like a normal girl, there was absolutely nothing special about me, and I was often reminded that by my "friends" at my old school.

Today was my first day at Lincoln High School. Surprisingly, I was excited. No, excited would be an understatement, I was ecstatic. At my old school, I was constantly being bullied and abused by fellow students and my so called friends. Going to a new school was something I wanted- no, needed.

I grabbed a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, and as I was changing I couldn't help but stare at the scars covering my sides, stomach, and arms. When I said I was abused at my old school, I meant it.

15 minutes later

"Bye mom!" I called out as I ran out to my bike. I heard a muffled "Have a nice first day," as I closed the front door.

Although I am seventeen and already have my licsense, I rarely drive after what happened to my dad. if it wasn't obvious, he died in a car accident. I will never forget staring at his lifeless body inside the grim hospital room.

Anyways, since then I normally just bike or walk wherever I need to go, and I was very lucky that I was able to take a plane out here instead of being driven in a car. On the bright side, I would like to think that I have a pretty fit body from all the biking and walking.

I stood there. Eyes wide and mouth hanging open.This school must have been at least four times the size of my old school. I gulped and began confidently walking towards the entrance. I reached the front desk in a matter of minutes because, yes, I had gotten lost on my way there.

I cleared my throat, "Excuse me, my name is Ch-"

"Christina Fellows! The new student! Oh it's very nice to meet you!" The front desk lady said happily.

"Yes.. That's me." I smiled nervously, " Could I by chance have my schedule?"

"Of course darling!" She practically sang.

10 minutes later

I stood in the middle of the hallway, papers, packets, instructions, maps, filling my hands . Locker, I thought to myself, I will find my locker then try to make it to at least part of my first class.

Eventually I found my locker, and with the help of multiple maps, I stood breathlessly in front of the door to my English room. Be cool Christina, I thought to myself, first impressions count. Before I could knock on the door, it was flung open and a furious teenage boy stood in front of me.

"Out of my way, bitch." He snarled. Before I could even respond or react, I was slammed in the lockers across the hall. Withough even a glance back, the guy stalked off and turned the corner and was gone.

"Are you okay?" the teacher questioned, worry written all over her face.

"I'm fine," I managed to say weakly.

After introducing myself, I sat in an empty desk in the back of through. Even though English is my favorite subject, I couldn't focus. All I could think about was that guy. His dirty blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes had me entranced, it was like I was sucked into a dark hole and all I could do is think about him.

As I left English, I realized I had no idea how to get back to my locker. At that same moment a smiling blonde haired girl came bounding over to me.

"Hiya!! You must be the new girl Christina! My name is Mandy." She said

I laughed, "Yeah I'm the new girl. It's nice to meet you Mandy, do you mind helping me find my way back to my locker?"

In about two minutes flat, I was right in front of my locker with a smiling Mandy by my side.

I stayed my Mandy the whole day, having all the same morning classes as her. We were still talking when we entered the lunchroom, which was surprisingly quiet. I glanced at Mandy to see her looking fearfully at something behind me. Slowly I turned around, only to be face to face with the asshole from earlier.

"You're Christina Fellows?" He sneered

"Yeah, that's my name, what's it to ya?" I snapped, glaring at him, secretly I was shocked that I had the courage to even say something. By now no one was moving and the silence was unbearable.

"Shut up bitch, you need to learn your place here." He growled, taking at step forward.

I stood my ground, "Go to hell asshole."

Suddenly I was being dragged out of the lunchroom. The second the doors closed, the normal lunchroom chatter resumed. I struggled, but it didn't last long as I was soon pushed to the ground. The guy stood above me, glaring.

"That's your place. Do you understand? Now why don't you do this school a favor and leave."

I quickly stood up, face to face with him. I took a step closer.

"I'm not going anywhere." I said venomously, before shouldering past him, back towards the lunchroom. As I left I heard him call out, "You don't know what I'm capably of bitch!" Without turning around I gave him the finger and entered the lunchroom, not before hearing a him...



No that must have been my imagination.


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