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The next morning, I wake up to see Liam, Graser, and Parker crashed all over the living room.
I then realize that I had been holding onto a body part, and it felt as though, that there was a head leaned against mine. I think about it for a moment... And remember that the five of us had watched a scary movie last night. Will told me that if I got scared, that I could hold onto to him. That explains why I'm holding onto his arm.
I continue to hold onto it.
I must've fallen asleep last night, and he probably just didn't wanna wake me.
Why else would he move, other than for that reason. It's not like he has feelings for me. Who would ever have feelings for me? Shelby Grace, the one who looks like a boy, and has a weird voice.
I attempt to get up without waking Will up. I didn't succeed.
"Morning Will! Sorry if I woke you." I say whispering
"No, no. It's fine. I needed to wake up anyways." Will says while rubbing his eyes
"I'm gonna go get ready for the day, and cook breakfast. If you need to get ready, as well, feel free to use Gizzys' bathroom."
"Alright! I'm gonna try and wake these guys up." Will says with his "early morning" British accent
"Heh, okay."
I grab some clothes from my closet, and head towards my bathroom.
I close the door, and look into the mirror
His early morning voice is adorable!
*Shelby begins to shower*

Even when she's just woken up, she's still beautiful...
Anyways, I should wake the guys up. Shelby's gonna be making breakfast soon.
I nudge Liam, hoping he'll wake up. And he did. I ask him to help me wake Parker and Graser up, he agrees to help, but asks me a quick question.
"How the hell did you wake up before me?" Liam asked
"Oh, when Shelby woke up, I had woken up. She was attached to my arm for the whole night, and I think my head was leaning on hers."
"Awe, how adorable! Now, let's wake them up!" Liam says all energized
We roll Parker around on the floor, and spill a bit of cold, refrigerated water, on Grasers' face.
"Great! You all are awake. Shelby is currently in the shower and will be making breakfast soon. Now, I call dibs on using Gizzys' shower first!"
"Fine! I call dibs on the bathroom after Will's done!" Graser said
"Okay..." Liam and Parker say in unison

I get out of the shower and put on my ootd (outfit of the day).
A gray shirt, skinny jeans, a red flannel, and white converse. I decide to brush my hair, and let it air dry. Then I'd straighten it later. I began doing my makeup.
I walk out of my bathroom, and head to the kitchen.
"My bathroom is free for anyone who wants to use it! Oh, and I'm making some pancakes and frying up some bacon."
Okay! Sounds good." Said Graser
In the background, Liam and Parker had been fighting over who was gonna use Shelbys bathroom.
"Guys! Calm down! Liam, just go use the bathroom first. Make it quick for Parker, though." Shelby said giggling
"Hah! I got to use it first!" Liam stuck his tongue out at Parker
Parker rolled his eyes
Suddenly, I get a text. I take my phone out of my pocket, and see that it is from Ethan.
Ethan🙂- Hey! Good morning, Shelby!
Shelby🐶- Oh, hey! Good morning to you, too!
Shelby🐶- What's up?
Ethan🙂- What are you up to, today?
Shelby🐶- I think me, and the boys are just resting up for vid con tomorrow!
Ethan🙂- Oh okay. I see that you're not busy. So, would you like to get some lunch with me later?
Shelby blushed while looking at that message.
Wait... Shelby! No! Why are you blushing? Are those feelings for Ethan back in high school still around...? It can't be! I like Will! Plus, Ethan drifted away from Liam and I! But... It's Ethan...
Shelby decides to go on that lunch date with him. She didn't want to seen rude...
Ethan🙂- Shelby? U there?
Shelby🐶- Sorry, I was making breakfast. But sure, I wouldn't mind going to get lunch with you!
Ethan🙂- Great! I'll pick you up at 12:30 then!
Shelby🐶- Alright!

By that time, Will and Liam had been done getting ready, and Parker and Graser decided to get ready after breakfast.
Shelby hands them their plates, and they all eat in the living room.

"Guys. Ethan asked me out for lunch... And I was wondering if it was okay for me to go?"
Will nearly chokes from hearing that.
Graser tries not to laugh.
"Ethan? The one who drifted away from us, but was also your high school crush?" Asked Liam
"Uh... Yeah."
"You had a crush on the dude who drifted away from you guys?! Sounds like a complete jerk." Said Will, trying his hardest not to sound jealous
"I agree, Shelby. Sounds like a complete J-E-R-K to me." Agreed Graser, patting Will's back
*sigh* "I won't go then." .
"No, no! Shelby, don't let them stop you from going! You never know. He could've changed." Parker said
"Y-you're right, Parker. I-I am gonna go... In fact I'm gonna go plan my outfit now."
Shelby drifts of into her room, and starts to blast music


Will tackles Parker
"Parker, why did you do that?!" Will asked in his angry British tone
" Gah! Why are you so mad?! Are you jealous or something?" Parker asked on the floor
"Guys! Calm down!" Said Liam
"Parker, look at what you've done!" Yelled Graser
"What did I do?!" Asked Parker, very confused
"Okay, okay! I admit it. I like Shelby, a lot! And now she's going on a date with this Ethan dude!" Will plopped down onto the couch
"Ohh... I'm sorry, Will..." Parker said, going over to him
"Woah, you like Shelby? That was unexpected." Liam said casually
"Let's just hope that the date goes badly, dude." Graser said, trying to comfort Will, whose face was now buried into a pillow
"Now I'm never gonna get Shelby..." Will said sadly

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