Then i heard her, not my imagination, i heard her call out my name in a moan. "aah kev aah faster uhhhu harder baby uhuah"

She was having a wet dream about me.

He moans fueled my erection and speed. every time she said faster i pumped faster and hard i was close to the climax i could feel it.

" Oh yes Kevin yes uhhuu cum with me master .. ahhuuu KEVIN!!! when she screamed my name i was done for.

I've never had this amount of cum before while masturbating, waves of pleasure hit me. And she did this with just her voice. Damn that girl is doing something strange to me.

After a couples minutes my dick was relaxed and i watched my hands. When i entered the room my cock sprung back up.

She was glistening her hands were in her clit, her back arched, and nipples pink and swollen. 

Her face looked so seductive like she was being fucked the senses out of her, lips parted and occasionally biting her bottom lip.

I wanted to wake her up and make dream a reality but i couldn't do that to her. I will wait till shes ready for it in real life.

I crawled into bed and she wrapped herself around me, this is going to be a long night.

                                                <<<<<<<<<<  D's POV >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I woke up tangled with Kay. Our legs were tangled, bodies pressed so tight air couldn't fit through his hands were on my butt and his lips so close to mind if i tilt back i could kiss him. Taste those lips that had me cumming over and over last night.

O my Blob last night! i can't believe i did that. Actually i can't believe i let him do it. What's wrong with me? I think i was just sleep deprived last night. O shit i called him baby. Stupid teenager hormones.

I starred at him and my heart leaped. What the hell was that? Shit i need to sleep more. Aww damn we got school in 2 hours.

"Kevin" "Kev wake up" I tried moving but he tightened his grip on me

I tried wiggling out of his hold but nothin

His eyes opened drowsly. "I suggest you stop doing that or we would not be leaving the bed today" his voice was strained and husky. Thats when i noticed something pocking my inner thigh close to my core.

His lips were curved up into a sexy as sleepy smirk. Shit even when he's not fully awake hes tempting and sexy as fuck.

"Then let me out we have school in like 2 hours" i tried saying forcefully but it came out sounding soft and shy.

"Just 10 more minutes" he said closing his eyes

"OK but when ten minutes is up we get up ky?'

umhum was all he said before he drifted of again, slowly i started falling back to dreamland. Just ten more minute.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< One Hour Later! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cause Baby i would still..... Shit! we slept for like an hour!

"Kevin get up" i shook him "noo baby it's too early" did he just call me baby? we'll talk about that later!

"You know what you stay in bed im gonna go take a shower" I squirmed out of his hold befor he had a chance to access what was going on.

I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

After stripping and stepping in i felt like i forgot something, then the shower door flew open.

AHH SHIT! i forgot to lock the door. Kevin stood there in his birthday suit.

"im going to take a shower with you."


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