Missing person

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(Chris's p.o.v)

We climb one by one up the ladder that the rescue team drop down from their helicopter. First Sam, then Jess, then mike, then myself. Jess is crying and I can't tell whether she's scared or relieved. Noticing her mood, Mike gently sets his hand on her leg and shoots her one of his gentle 'everythings ok' smiles. Sam stares out the window and into the snowy void outside. Everyone begins to relax for the first time in a while. The men who rescued us give us blankets and make sure we're okay. Then they turn solemn. Their faces express nothing but seriousness and suddenly, nobody is relaxed anymore.
   There are two men. The shorter, fair skinned man with deep blue rimmed glasses is the pilot and he does not speak much. The taller man, who looks like an athelete, takes a badge out of his pocket and explains his position in the government and national security. We all look at the ebony man in the official looking suit in confusion, as we are all unsure of why he's telling us the information he is.
    "Whilst in these mountains," he starts, making eye contact with each of us in turn but avoiding staring," have you met any other person, more specifically one with (Y/H/C) and (Y/E/C)?" Nobody answers, even though we know who he is looking for. We sit in silence until Mike decides to speak.
  "Yeah, we did. She wandered into the woods away from us quite a while ago though, so I'm not sure where she'd be." He states. The man looks straight ahead of him at Mike so intensely that even I am intimidated.
  "If you know anything that could help us find her it is vital that you tell us, sir. She's a vital part of what she does and losing her poses a great threat to the USA." I didn't think she was this important. None of us did. Mike's lost for words so I decide I should make a contribution.
    "She might've gone back to where all the benches are to see if she could pick the lock for the cable car or do something with it." The man raises one eyebrow, and hesitantly, I continue. " If you want, I can lead you in that direction. I think she'll likely be there."
    "Are you sure sir? There are lives at stake her. Miss (Y/L/N)'s patients are high risk and mentally unstable. Without her, we risk losing them. Most of her patients are veterans or members of the police force as well as regular citizens." Now I'm feeling pressure. Her job sounds so difficult and we've all been rude to her without knowing anything about her. I feel a wave of guilt wash over me. I need to help them find her.
   "I'm pretty sure, yeah."

(Y/N P.O.V)

Gosh it's cold. This is a level of freezing I've never experienced before. I can't move as I don't want to leave my blankets. The snow is still falling and I watch as it travels to the ground and joins the thousands of snow flakes that have fallen before.
    Maybe I will die up here. Maybe I will never fall in love, have children, get married, grow old or retire. Maybe I'll never meet the president or ride the worlds biggest coaster or even take my driving test. No, I can't afford to think like this. Not now. I have too many people's lives in my hands. Too much responsibility. I have to live. But how can I ensure survival? I have no food or water or heat. No contact with anyone.
   I am starting to regret ever coming up here. I mean, I met some pretty great people, so that's a plus. And I now appreciate the heat more. I'm starting to get so cold that my body refuses to move. My head is pounding and I feel lifeless. My eyes are heavy and I can feel myself drifting into darkness. Then everything is blank.

(Chris's P.O.V)

The helicopter lands in a clear area near the cable car. The large man, whose name I learnt is James, and myself walk closer to it in attempts to find (Y/N). We find her bag at one of the tables and her at the one parallel. Her eyes are shut and I shake her gently to wake her up. No response. So I shake her again, more vigorously, and this time her eyes open.
   "I'm sorry." She mumbles weakly. She tries to stand up but visibly struggles to walk. I go to pick her up, to carry her back to the helicopter, but James does first. She thanks him and he smiles at her, which surprised me as it was the first time he smiled this whole time.
     We get back to the helicopter and James sits down, (Y/N) still in his arms. As we take off into the air I find myself wondering if they know each other. I wonder if she's okay with him holding her like so. I turn to Mike and Jess who are asleep and cuddled up together as close as they can. I wonder if I've lost all chances of this. Of love. I have lost the only girl I've ever loved, Ashley. And I thought that maybe, just maybe, I met (Y/N) for a reason. The timing and circumstances were maybe off but, everything happens for a reason, right? I was just hoping there was a better reason for meeting her.

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