Authors Note

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Hey guys! Sorry to bother you with an Authors Note! I just wanted to say, that I will not be posting a chapter for this fanfic tomorrow. School is gonna be starting for me soon, so, I wanna take the time to create chapters for you guys.
So, when school starts, I wouldn't have to worry about writing a chapter, or having to feel bad about not updating this story. Prewriting these chapters will makes things a lot easier. When I have homework or projects to do, I could just come onto Wattpad, and click on publish, on a chapter.
Thank you guys so much for understanding! Even if it's just one day of me missing an update.
Anyways, thank you guys so much for reading my Kiibble fan fic! I can't believe that we're so close to 100 reads! That's crazy.
Once again, thank you, my jars of jam!

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