11| Trust Me

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As soon as Y/N exited the back alley, she instantly regretted it. The woman was met with the flashing white lights of paparazzi cameras, causing her to blink in discomfort.

"Y/N L/N!" The man yelled. "Why are you leaving Jumin's apartment building in sweatpants and a sweatshirt?"

She stumbled away from the sudden altercation. "What?" She gasped, heart falling as she realized it was the paparazzi. How did they get here?

The questions took her aback. She tilted her head at the man, trying to mask her anxiety.

This is exactly what she wanted to avoid.

But thankfully, Y/N had dealt with the press before. Looking guilty was exactly what they wanted. And she wouldn't give it to them, because she actually was this time.

And they couldn't know that.

"Can you please leave me alone?" The woman sighed, pretending to be annoyed as three more people surrounded her.

She pushed through them, holding her purse as tightly to her body as she could. She felt like bursting into tears. There was no way this could be happening, their relationship was going to be exposed.

"Do you have an affair with Jumin Han?" Another paparazzi man questioned, following her onto the sidewalk.

She stayed silent, keeping her head low and holding her hand in front of her face.

"Y/N!" She heard his voice echo down the street.

She turned, peering behind the cameras and sighing in relief. "Jumin!" She cried dramatically as soon as she spotted files waving around in his grip.

The perfect distraction.

"What are these people doing here?" Jumin narrowed his eyebrows in disgust as he caught up to them. "Are they harassing you?"

She nodded, rolling her eyes for effect. Y/N held her hand out, taking the folder from Jumin and shoving it into her purse.

"Jumin, why are you meeting with Y/N privately?" The paparazzi continued to taunt, surrounding him as well.

"Does this really seem private?" Jumin scoffed. "She's my secretary. I can meet with her whenever I like. We were discussing the schedule for next week, I asked her to come and pick up the papers work on her day off."

"Then why is she exiting out the back? Why does she look like she's gotten no sleep?"

Y/N couldn't seem to even speak, she was so shocked by the bluntness. These men had nonsense spilling out of their mouths left and right.

"She's exiting out the back because I told her to. You scumbags block the entrance every morning and it's pathetic."

The cameramen fell silent.

Jumin gritted his teeth. "Now leave before I press loitering chargers. And don't bother her ever again."

The men disbanded at the threat, leaving their sides immediately. "Go to the car." He whispered, reaching out to touch her.

He retracted his hand as quickly as he raised it. "I'm sorry." He chuckled, looking around for anyone left. "Habit."

"Wow." She breathed out, still overwhelmed by the events.

"I'm sorry that happened. I thought it would be safe, it's my fault." Jumin looked remorseful, eyes lingering on Y/N to make sure she was alright. She kept her gaze focused on the traffic, items still clutched tightly to her chest.

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