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Yeet! This is another smosh hunger games fic, and uh, yeah! So, the whole smosh family will be in this. I'm considering adding Sunny, Joe Bereta, Sarah, Tanner, and maybe Matt Raub. Probably not Matt Raub. Just imagine him trying to survive. I'm sorry im imagining him sprinting away from someone and it's HILARIOUS to me.

So, I may add OC's and I may add the people I  just listed (minus Matt Raub). So, here's a list of everyone and their district.

(This was written before I even thought of any thing. Things are ok, but I've decided to go with OC's. And by OC's I mean a randomly generated names and I assign features)

District 1: Anthony Padilla
                      Adelaide Randall
District 2: Ian Hecox
                      Courtney Miller
District 3: Joshua "Joven" Ovenshire
                      Maria Welsh
District 4: Matthew "Sohinki" Sohinki
                       Lula Cassidy
District 5: David "Lasercorn" Moss
                       Erika "Boze" Bozeman
District 6: Noah Grossman
                      Keirsten Long
District 7: Shayne Topp
                      Mari Takahashi
District 8: Wesley "Wes" Johnson
                       Whitney Barnett
District 9: Keith Leak Jr.
                      Sydney Britt
District 10: Damien Haas
                         Olivia Sui
District 11:  Amra "Flitz" Ricketts
                        Lynne Dodd
District 12: Finn Cuevas
                        Kane Atara

Adelaide: Brown long curly hair, green eyes, freckles, pale skin
Maria: Wavy dark brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin
Lula: Blond medium-length straight hair, brown eyes, white skin
Keirsten: Black straight shoulder length hair, blue almond shaped eyes, and pale skin
Whitney: Brown/blond ombre, medium length hair, pale skin, gray eyes, beauty spot above lip
Sydney: Long red curly hair with bangs,brown eyes, freckles, pale skin
Lynne: Black medium length hair, green eyes, dark skin
Finn (the only boy oc): black short curly hair, freckles, hazel eyes, tan skin
Kane: Blue/Black bob, brown eyes, dark skin

That's about it for now. So I hope you enjoy! Bye!

- mai

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