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Assalam-o-Alikum readers.

Excited for the sequel?

Well here is the sequel.
The story you'll love Insha Allah and I will do my best to give you all a series full of romance.

The story is based on my imagination and any scene,description, plot,event,characters or any incident are not taken from any other book or someone's life. Any similarity would he only coincidence. All right reserved to the author.

Do not copy my work. Or it will be reported. All rights reserved.


Meet Aryan Kaif Hashim.

He's of 25 years old.



Non talkative


But not for the girl he called Sohan.

He's the dream man of every girl. He's hidden behind his files. Not have time for love. The love which would be around him but he wouldn't aware of it. His heart is like a desert where the flower of love can never be grow but will it be ever?

Will he recognized his Hidden love?

Meet Soha.




Fun loving

And Sohan of Aryan.

Both will be as close as breaths to each other but still will be far. Connected to each other but wouldn't be aware of the string of love between them.

Will they recognized their Hidden love for each other?

Be with me to see what will happened.

Story will be posted soon.

Till update Allah Hafiz.

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