thirty ; epilogue

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xxx. epilogue

━ ❝ love always wins ❞

━ ❝ love always wins ❞

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After so many years, Pan and Arabella finally got to have the wedding they never had. Not long after their travel back to the island, they were engaged. Mary Margaret and Tiger Lily became best friends in this time, working together to make an event no one would ever forget. But it was no secret that the bandit was driven by guilty for what she had done. And so the wedding was perfect, settled in the woods of Neverland that now was overgrown with beautiful flowers, animals, and happiness. It was a memory no one forgot indeed.

Together the couple created a better Neverland. It had become a place where any child could travel to in their dreams and only the original lost boy gang got to stay forever. Jordan was practically the heart of their dysfunctional family with his funny comments and adorable expressions. You messed with him, you messed with them all. When you messed with them all, you got the dark Arabella and Pan.

While they had grown to control their dark magic, it still flared up whenever they got angry or upset over something. There was that one time when the boys were arguing back and forth and would not quit. Arabella tried to calm them down but she slowly was falling into the pit of darkness as they ignored her. It was only when she got a splitting headache from fighting it off and then screamed out loud they stopped. They never fought again.

Years later, Arabella was watching the boys from her spot of the sand as they played around in the water. She sighed out, the breathed in the fresh air. Their numbers had decreased by one and she was left feeling like a piece of her soul had been shattered. Pan sensed her state and walked over, wrapping his arms around her waist. "What's on your mind?"

"I miss him," she confessed.

He already knew. "I do too. At least Blackbeard paid the price."

"It wasn't fair. Felix didn't deserve to die. None of them do."

Pan moved in front of her to see that tears in her eyes. "He is in a better place, remember? No unfinished business meant he could move on."

Arabella nodded. "I know." She wiped her tear and then changed the subject, smiling suddenly when she recalled her thought from earlier that day. "I thought of a name." Taking his hand, the female placed it on her bulging stomach that carried their baby boy.

It was most certainly a challenge to change the rules of Neverland so she could be able to become pregnant and then be able to raise that child to maturity. With that came a price, meaning that all of the boys would age to maturity and then stop. A small price for a big spell. Arabella was convinced that fate didn't hate her after all but then again, it took Felix because of her choice of trying to make a family.

Pan smiled at her, placing his other hand on her stomach. "What did you think of, hm?"

She smiled back. "Felix." He looked startled, looking up at her from his trance on her belly. And then he smiled tearfully, kissing her. 

Everything seemed perfect. Everything was. Perhaps fate was on her side. Because this time, the two were able to live without another shattered chance.

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