Chapter 2:

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"Thank you all so much for coming out to the concert tonight you have been an amazing crowd and an amazing last concert so thank you so much for coming out." Niall says before walking off the stage and meeting up with the band. Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn exchange worried glances before thanking the crowd once again before they run off of the stage chasing their boyfriend confused by what he meant by last concert.

"We should check the dressing rooms first then the kitchen then the hair and make up room then lastly wardrobe." Liam says. The boys ran around for about 10 minutes looking for the blond Irishman. They finally make it to the room where Lou works and see them leave the room. They all ran out of the building when they saw the familiar blond hair getting into a car. The boys all watch in shock as the car drives away getting the urge to chase after it even thought each of the boys knew that it was a lost cause. Once the car was out of sight the boys angrily turned on the group in front of them with angry looks on their faces but if you were to look into each of their eyes you would see that all the boys' eyes showed that they were more worried then they were angry.

"What did he mean by last concert?" Louis exclaims looking at Paul for answers. Once he realizes that there is no way that they would catch Niall even if they had a car. His three other lovers nodded with their brows furrowed.

"Exactly what he meant Louis. He is leaving the band." Paul explains feeling slightly sorry for the boys but knowing that it is really their own faults that this is happening.

"For how long?!" Zayn exclaims worried for his blond lover. Sure they hadn't exactly included him in anything recently but that didn't mean that they cared for the blond any less then they had before.

"Uh... I think forever," Caroline says annoyed that they were asking these questions even though they were all quite obvious. And by the expressions on Paul and Lou's faces they were also getting annoyed. Granted Lou might be annoyed at the fact that Lux is crying as if she knows she won't see Niall for a long time. Babies also seem to know when other people are sad and it makes them sad and want to cheer them up but Lux was just crying.

"I'm calling him." Liam says finally speaking up pulling his phone out of his back pocket beginning to dial the number before he was interrupted.

"Don't even bother, Niall changed his number two months ago because a fan found it and leaked it. Which you lot would know if you paid any attention to him." Lou says as she rolls her eyes before she walks away.

"Why isn't anyone else freaked out over the fact that nail just left?" Louis yells in frustration gripping his hair by the roots. Louis starts to pace. Harry has silent tears running down his face. Liam looks worried and Zayn looks like he doesn't know how to act. Although it seemed to be between panicking and running to a car and racing off.

"I don't know why you care." Sandy mumbles as he shakes his head and turns to walk away with the rest of the instrument playing band. That sets Liam off and he grabs Sandy by the collar of his black polo he wore for the concert.

"What did you say?" Liam says lowly practically growling at him. Josh gets in-between the two before Paul has a chance and takes Liam's hand off of Sandy's shirt. In the process Josh shoves Liam back.

"I said that I was surprised you guys even care about Niall. You would know that if you paid attention" Sandy says straightening his collar. Louis stops pacing to glare at him and the rest of the boys just glare at him. Each of the boys were wondering why everyone had been shitting on them about paying attention.

"Oh stop your glaring he isn't wrong." Caroline says as she slaps the back of their heads. "Niall left because one I don't think you all have even talked to him in six months and two the hate he has been getting is terrible. Paul had to take his phone from him at one point just because Niall couldn't stop reading the hate."

All the four boys took in Caroline's words as she walked away with the rest of the group that had the chance to say bye to Niall. Zayn comes to the realization first.

"oh god we really have ignored him for six months." Zayn mumbles as he runs a hand down his face. Harry lets out a shaky exhale. Louis stays quiet. Liam punches the wall.

"God damn that hurt." Liam says as he holds his hand that was now red and starting to swell.

"Okay we have to have a plan to get him back! But first we have to take care of li's hand because I am pretty sure he broke it," zayn says as he looks at the hand that Liam has been holding. Zayn wraps his arm around Liam and leads him inside kissing his forehead. Harry and Louis follow worried for the boyfriend that ran and for the one that hurt his hand.

"We have to go to the hospital for that love." Harry says as he catches sight of Liam's hand in the corner of his eye. It looks awful the hand is extremely swollen and red. Liam looks like he is a bout to protest but before he can even open his mouth, Louis shuts him down immediately.

"You are going to the hospital and the longer it takes to convince you the more time we waste and it takes longer to find Niall." Louis says seriously Liam looks down in shame knowing that Louis was right they were wasting precious time on him when they could be trying to find Niall. The car ride to the hospital was silent, but it was more of a tense silence trying to figure out exactly what went wrong that they ended up not talking to Niall in months.

"What's the plan for finding Niall?" Harry asks speaking up breaking the silence.

"We need to find places to look for him because I am positive that Niall would not stay in America," Louis says from the passenger seat where he was sitting next to their driver.

"We could check Ireland it almost seems to predictable but he might think it is so predictable that we won't even check." Liam says overthinking everything.

"Or he could assume that we aren't going to look for him at all." Zayn mumbles under his breath but loud enough so everyone heard him.

"We could check his apartment in England," harry says opting to ignore Zayn's previous depressing comment. Even though they all knew that it could actually be true.

"Or we could take Paul's phone because chances are he is going to call him when he lands and talk to him that way." Louis says smirking. The boys knew that Paul would be extremely mad when he found out but they couldn't bring themselves to care all they wanted was their Nialler back.

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