My mom decided to be the worst person in the world today. It's been a couple days since the club. The only time I was with Leon was yesterday because we were going furniture shopping. Well if you call looking through my dad's stock shopping. The bonus is we get it for free, I know we are rich but I don't like to spend my parent's money. I get my paycheck and buy what I need for it. Except my parent's won't even let me pay a little rent. Anyway we didn't talk at all. My mom pointed to something and if we both nodded then we got it. We only got enough for the kitchen, dining room, living room, our room, and a office for him. The other rooms we will worry about later.

Back to why my mom is the worst? We have an engagement party in two hours. Guess when I found out about it? Five minutes ago! Like what?! I didn't even get to go out and buy a new dress. The parents, both mine and Leon's, said the reason we were told now instead of a few days ago is because they didn't want us to stress. Lets be real, they didn't want us to find an excuse to move the party.

"This one is perfect," Kay says as she rummages through my closet. She always has my back in situations like these. I may be the fashion designer but she has much better taste then me.

I slip on the off the shoulder white dress that ends a little below my knee, with the top few inches ruffling down. Of course Kay put some color into the outfit and picked a pair of blue suede heels with a red sole. On my earring stand I find a pair of gold and blue earrings that Kay actually got me yesterday as an engagement present. That's probably why she gave me the blue heels.

"Make up," Kay says as she ushers me back into the bathroom, that's where my vanity is. She pushes me on to the seat and starts to brush out my hair.

After who knows how long she puts everything in her hands down and sighs with relief. She mutters a 'thank god I did my own hair and makeup before I came.' I smile as I look at my makeup. Foundation and concealer are perfect, bronzer looks awesome, highlight is popping, my eyes have a blue eyeshadow on the bottom of my eyelid and a light brown around my whole eye, my mascara is making my eyelashes freaking long, eyeliner doesn't go out into a wing, and there is glitter all on the blue. My lipstick is a glossy nude that looks awesome. I'm not sure how she even did my hair, but it looks great. I think she twisted large strands and pinned them into a bun.

"You are a life saver Kay," I smile as I enter my room

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"You are a life saver Kay," I smile as I enter my room.

"You are a life taker Bi," she jokes as she falls back onto my bed, "you are killing me with that look!" I laugh as I help her sit up.

"Mom probably wants me downstairs," I tell her as I check my phone.

"You only have a little less than twenty minutes before the party starts," she says as she stands up, "you probably want to get going."

"That took you a long freaking time!" I exclaim as she pushes me out my door.

"Beauty takes time Bi," she smiles, "now go wow everyone."

I head downstairs and find my family and Leon's all downstairs. Even Leon's brother, I'm guessing. He has looks similar to Leon, just green eyes instead of brown. My mom looks over at me and gasps slightly.

"Darling, Kay is amazing," mom says as she hugs me, "you look stunning."

"Thanks mom," I smile as I hug her back.

"Beautiful as always bumble bee," dad smiles and I crash him with a hug. He leans his head down close to my ear and whispers, "I'm so sorry."

I pull back slightly before I reply, "it's okay dad."

He gives me a kiss on my cheek before I hug Blake, "not your best."

"You are terrible at jokes," I tell him when I pull away.

"Who said I was joking?" He jokes as he smirks.

"Bianca dear you look wonderful," Mrs. Bailey says as she hugs me. "This is our other son Charles. Charles, this is Bianca."

"Nice to meet you," I say giving him a polite smile with a handshake. He replies close to the same and I say hello to Mr. Bailey. Leon has yet to say anything and doesn't make an attempt to until our families head to the kitchen.

"Here," he says holding out a velvet red box. It's small so I can only guess what's inside, "you have to wear it tonight."

"Bossy? I ask as I open the box. It's absolutely gorgeous. "This is beautiful, thanks."

"We have to look engaged when the party starts," he tells me and I roll my eyes

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"We have to look engaged when the party starts," he tells me and I roll my eyes. No duh. "Just remember faking is easy. Especially when you have to pretend to love me. You don't really pretend, everyone does love me."

"This is why I can stand you," I mutter as I slip the ring on my left ring finger. I shut the box shut and shove it back in his hand, "and just so you know, we aren't sharing the bedroom when we move into the new house. You will be gladly taking the couch."

"No I will not-" I head to the back yard, ignoring what he is saying. I can't stand him. When I first met him he must've been putting on an act or something. He seemed shy and polite, he's not shy and definitely not polite. Good thing I kept this garden and made sure it was kept up with. It is a wonderful place to relax and get away from the stress. Especially when it is cause by your selfish fiancé. Even better to be spending my Christmas in two days with such a wonderful guy.

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