twenty-eight ; how the mighty fall

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xxviii. how the mighty fall

━ ❝ they fall in love ❞

━ ❝ they fall in love ❞

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depictions of violence ahead! however, they aren't too detailed!


THE NIGHT KNEW of the events about to occur. That was the only explanation for the reason why the moon hid behind the clouds, afraid of facing what was in store. Felix took note of this while they approached the wishing well, Pan still inhabiting Henry's body, Arabella on the other side of him with a smug smile. She was excited, ecstatic. Because her mind was set on winning this battle with the heroes. Her dark magic, however, said something different: this was not a battle, this was a war. One that had been going on for centuries between the long line of sorceresses and the rest of the realms. And Arabella was the only person who would decide who won.

"You never cease to amaze me, Peter. Outwitting the Evil Queen in less than a day. It's impressive," Felix complimented. In his mind, the plan was quite genius. Yet that uncertainty lingered in the air. Something else was going on.

Arabella smirked at his words. Pan didn't think much of it, bypassing the praise. "She loves the boy. That makes her weak."

She glanced over at it him, narrowing her eyes though she was clearly teasing the boy. "Then I suppose you are the fool as well, falling for a royal. How scandalous." The former princess laughed a bit, smiling at Pan.

Expecting a reaction, Felix also looked over. But the leader had absolutely no major reaction, just a simple shrug as they continued walking. Arabella's grin fell instantly, her jaw clenching. The second in command sent her a worried look to which she just nodded.

They came to stop at the well's opening, the darkness peering down through the trees, watching them with skepticism. Felix handed Pan the bag when he asked for the ingredients, moving to stand near the mother who took her place at the well. Pan's movements were robotic, his words monotone, and his expression blank.

"When it's done, will they all be dead?" his best friend questioned with a rise of his eyebrow.

Pan took out a bottle. "Of course. They will be slaves to this new land we're making with no idea who they once were." He glimpsed over at them. "Death is final. Their suffering will be eternal." With that, he continued to set out various bottles and then dropped one into the well. As it hit the bottom, the water changed to a greenish hue.

Both Arabella and Felix watched with hesitation, not sure what to say or do. Now she realized that something was missing. Pan wouldn't lie to her, right? He'd tell her the truth now, right? Right? His words brought her back. "What the Evil Queen did is child's play compared to what I have in mind."

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