Hello Everybody

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Hello everybody whom has stumbled across this guide, I am here to write this guide and tell you how to write Fanfiction. I mean we all have read amazing fanfictions that we wish were books and we all have read completely terrible fanfictions that we wish have never existed at all. This guide is how to have a really good Fanfiction that people will grow to love a whole lot, I've actually read a lot of Fanfiction (even though I sadly don't like to vote & comment which I really should actually do) and I have noticed things that makes a Fanfiction strongly beautiful or utterly weak. I may not be the strongest writer but I am willing to give y'all some help, this guide with not only benefit y'all but it will also benefit me in many ways as well. I will give you tips on how to write Fanfiction and how to do certain types of Fanfiction, how to choose which title & cover to use, and everything else that goes along with making a Fanfiction.

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