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Chapter One

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                I sat on the barstool looking up at the news on the Plasma above the bar. Some woman in a really bright pink top with dark red lip stick. He hair was pulled back in a messy bun.

                “Another gruesome murder has happened here at the Hilton garden hotel. Police are telling us that the bodily was savagely ripped apart. Then it seemed the killer attempted to burn the remains. But the fire alarms went off inside the hotel, dousing the flame. This case is assumed to be connected with the Luxemburg killings…”

                “I can’t believe you’re watching the crap.” I looked over my shoulder to see a shoulder length blonde haired girl rubbing down a table. She had brown eyes and was wearing a black shirt that said ‘Shenanigans Bar’ across the front in Green. She also had on a jean skirt and combat boots.

                “Vat? I sink this is very interesting.” I said turning back to the screen.

                “There just trying to make it seem like it’s some sort of conspiracy. The only reason it’s so interesting because none of the people have at least one thing in common.” I sighed and stood up going over to the table she was cleaning.

                “You are very testy tonight. Is something wrong?” She sighed and stopped wiping.

                “My boyfriend has just been acting really sketchy lately. And I don’t know what to do.” I reached out and patted her back lightly.

                “If anysing, vhy don’t you keep some tabs on him or something. I know it’s a sign of no trust, but I would do it.” She nodded.

                “You are right Sheska; maybe I’ll have Kane follow him around.” She said sort of loudly.

                “Oh no, you are not bringing me into any of your plans.” I turned and looked behind the bar. A really muscular guy stood there, he had short brown hair which he had spiked up. He was about 6 foot 8 and was as hot as any guy could be. I smirked.

                “And you shouldn’t be giving her scheming ideas Sky.” He said, putting the glass away. I smiled. I always loved his nick name for me.

                “Vell I need to get going.” I said standing up.

                “Alright I’ll see you tomorrow, yay for big tips!” I laughed and hugged Ashley. Kane came up and stood next to us.

                “You need me to walk you to your bike?” I nodded.

                “Sure, that vould be nice.” I felt myself blush slightly, turning my head so he couldn’t see. I went over to the closet and grabbed my backpack and jacket and walked to the doors where Kane was waiting. He opened the door and I walked out, pulling on my jacket as I walked.

                “Man it’s cold out tonight.” He said. I felt some goose bumps go up my legs.

                “Eh it is not that bad.” I said.

                “How can you not be cold, you’re in a skirt of god’s sake!” he said. I blushed. The rest of the walk was quiet until we turned the corner to a parking lot. I walked over to my bike and unstrapped the helmet. I set the backpack on the seat and looked up at Kane. He was really close to me. I felt my face get a little warmer.

                “Please be safe.” He said looking straight into my eyes. I thought he started to lean forward, but sighed and turned to walk away. I blinked a few times and sighed, pulling on my helmet. I pulled on my backpack then mounted the bike. Turning the key the revving the engine. I went of the parking lot heading towards my townhouse. I sped through the traffic. There were few to no cars considering it was 3 in the morning. The traffic light in front of me turned red. I pulled to a stop. Looking to the other sides of the intersection, there weren’t any cars. I groaned and let my hands fall to my sides. But then something caught my eye. I turned and saw man leaning against one of the buildings. He was wearing a black suit and smoking a cigarette. He had short brown hair that had been smoothed back. He looked pretty cute. But then his eyes shifted towards me. Suddenly I felt like I lost all sense of time and space. The only thing I could focus on was that man. He smirked and I saw him flick his cigarette away, and turn to walk towards me. He was at my side instantly.

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