Chapter 28: You Will Encounter...Blah Blah Blah

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I have good news.

I got promoted, from administrative assistant to the administrative of the department, meaning, I was promoted from being an errand boy to an errand boss.

No one is jealous of me, because this position has always been a forefront...

Now all the errands in the General Affairs Department, they don't look for the department chief to resolve them, because they know that the chief is not in charge of such trivial matters, instead they look for me.

Alright, I will just take over the heavy responsibility.

Moreover, according to An Yuan's analysis, the chief may wish to train me to be the next chief . I should feel very happy, but the chief will not be retired for another fifteen years.

The General Affairs Department personnel has little change among the senior employees.

However, it is the first time I realized I'm still young, and still have a long way to go.

I wondered what the apex of my life will be. I began to think very seriously about this issue, but An Yuan said to not add more burden on my mind, it is fine as long as I step a foot forward.

Since my mom knows of An Yuan's existence, she always calls to educate me on it. I must take a firm grasp on the rich people.

I always feel that my mom must have read some poisonous things again.

Then, Yang Jian comrade was recently in a great crisis, because somebody finally could not tolerate it anymore. Anyway, it has nothing to do with me, I just stand on the sideline to watch the fun show.

I recently discovered a bad habit that An Yuan has. Originally I always bought a pair for everything---cough, cough---couple items. But he likes to use my toothbrush to brush his teeth, use my drinking cup, if he could wear my pajama, I bet he would have taken it already.

I thought he doesn't like the pattern on that cup, so I got him a new one, yet he still uses mine.

Later on I realized why, so I discarded one cup, and we both share one together.

An Yuan is still busy as always, and he often works overtime, such as today. I'm sitting in front of my computer, playing computer game.

Since I got together with An Yuan, I had stopped logging into "Pink Lady" account; today on a whim, I logged into that account.

"Xiao Ning Ning~"

Oh My God, the evildoer is here.

...I only have one friend on this account.

I said: "Don't call me like that, it's quite disgusting."

Mo Bai Ling said: "Tsk, then you want me to call you Xiao Fen Fen?"

Forget it.

"I want to delete this account." I said.

She paused for a second then said: "You ungrateful brat, this QQ is your matchmaker."

I smiled in front of the computer, then said: "That's why I want to delete it, as a memorial."

There are some memories that are best kept in one's heart, that's my thinking.

"I kind of don't understand what you mean, but that's fine, you're free to delete it."

Her tone sounded a bit annoyed.

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