Chapter 27: The Interrogation

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Day after day passed by very peacefully, sometimes An Yuan will visit his parents' home, and I visit mine.

Each time mom would give me a despised look: "You can't even find a man for yourself."

...Although I'm a gay, this sentence sounds a bit odd to me.

I think maybe I should tell mom that I already have a fixed partner, but every time I can't bring myself to say it.

Well, it's because I have no experience in this, plus I'm a bit embarrassed.

It continued on like that until one day, I received a sudden phone call from a strange number.

"Hello, I'm Guan An Yi, An Yuan's older brother."

The first sentence had successfully scared me off.

"Can we meet up and talk? Don't let An Yuan know about it."

Aside from agreeing what else could I do. This older brother has a very gentle voice, and at the banquet that day he smiled very cordially, probably won't be so difficult to talk to. However, all the capitalists are living vampires. Only god knows if this older brother is the type of person with friendly manners belying hypocritical intentions.[1]

Maybe he does not know about my relationship with An Yuan, and just wants to inspect the situation at the company.

Even I am not convinced with that reasoning.

I called An Yuan to tell him that I will be home late and told him to take care of dinner on his own. He still had the same placid tone, but I have a hunch that I won't be sleeping at all tonight.

After I got out of work, I anxiously walked towards the meeting place. Guan An Yi was already there and sitting next to him was Mo Bai Ling.

Mo Bai Ling was very happy to see me. I was feeling a bit nervous, but soon I felt a bit relaxed, since an acquaintance was there with me.

Guan An Yi has the appearance of a legendary senior gentleman, his laugh was very gentle, totally different from An Yuan.

I sat down across from them, waiting for their negotiation.

"Hello, Mister Wang."

I was surprised, his voice sounded like An Yuan.

"Hello Mister Guan."

Miserable, I forgot to leave a comma there, but fortunately it was a short sentence.

Mo Bai Ling laughed and said: "Elder Uncle, you're scaring him off."

Guan An Yi put on a fake confused look and asked me: "Do I look that scary? I'm so sorry."

Cold sweat was forming on me...

But the atmosphere had become a lot more at ease.

Mo Bai Ling said it first: "My uncle is here to interrogate you on behalf of my whole family."

That's good, he is not here to destroy me...

Guan An Yi smiled: "Don't listen to her nonsense. Because An Yuan is hidding you quite well, our family gets so anxious and worried that they sent me here to take a look."

"Your family..." I stammered, "know already?"

"Bingo!" Mo Bai Ling was especially hyper today.

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