Chapter 25: Petty {Chicken Gizzard}

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I looked at him stupidly. He suddenly turned his head to look in my direction, I quickly looked away as my face got beet red.

Obviously we have done more intimate things, but this accidentally meeting each other's eyes can make one feel quite embarrassed.

I finally got to meet the legendary board members. They entered the venue with Mo Bai Ling following behind an old couple. She had changed out of her professional dress code into an elegant dress for an elite lady. I really couldn't get used to seeing her like that yet.

She saw me and winked at me.

I know that the old couple in front of her are her grandparents and also An Yuan's parents. There is a man walking next to her who looked a lot like An Yuan but a bit more mature and with a gentle feeling around him and a slight smile. This was probably the second son of the Guan Family.

I once again lamented the age gap between Mo Bai Ling and An Yuan.

After everyone had arrived at the party, they started giving a long speech before the start of the party.

I resumed looking left and right around the place. Unknowingly I actually saw Yang Jian.

No wonder. Today is Friday yet no one from their group contacted me.

After the long congratulation speeches and the like were over and the other formalities were done and over with, all the radishes[1], uh, the celebrities began to stand up and move around. Chairman Guan and his wife didn't stay any longer, they just left the party.

I still stood on the side with my staff badge on me while I watched An Yuan swirling the champagne in his glass from afar.

I've tried to not think about these trivial things. There is no reason to let such an objective gap to be an obstacle in our relationship. I want to believe in him, just like I believe in myself.

Suddenly he turned to look at me, I quickly avoided his gaze.

Although we have done more intimate things, this inadvertently meeting the eyes would make one feel embarrassed.

"Hello, Mister Wang."

I looked up and saw Yang Jian. I got quite a surprised. How long was he standing there?

The corners of my mouth curved up as I answered: "Hello, Mister Yang."

"Mr. Wang, you are not going to have a glass of wine?" He held up the glass in his hand.

I shook my head: "I still have work to do Mr. Yang. You can enjoy it at your own pleasure."

Yang Jian also shook his head: "That's a pity, such good wine."

I said: "Of course, I carefully selected it."

He raised his brow: "You have good taste."

"Thank you for your praise."

Yang Jian suddenly laughed out loud: "What are we talking about."

I shrugged: "Yup, what are we talking about?"

Then the two of us burst into laughter.

Even though it is quite sad to put it this way, it felt great to be friends with Yang Jian. I really don't know what he's thinking right now but I don't have to say much or need to do anything, I just need to observe his actions and respond according to them.

Until one day someone can take over my place in his heart.

"I didn't know that the secretary lady is actually your company's president's niece." He said, raising his glass toward Mo Bai Ling, "Such a surprise."

I nodded: "Yeah, I was shocked when I first learned about it."

Mo Bai Ling was talking to her Elder Uncle. Suddenly Mo Bai Ling turned around during their conversation and pointed in my direction. The Guan elder son followed and turned around then smiled at me.

I'm not sure if it was my self-assertion but he seemed to be smiling at me...

I felt like all of my hair were standing up on my back.

"His elder brother finally found out about you." Yang Jian's remark made cold sweat run down my spine.

Fortunately, they didn't keep observing me after that, so I continued to talk with Yang Jian.

"Why aren't you socializing?" I asked.

He replied: "It's more fun to talk with you. Moreover---" he added: "I'm adding fuel to the fire."

I turned stupid, not knowing what to say.

Then I saw An Yuan walk over. My back immediately straightened up, very nervous.

I thought this was so not the right place for this. Unexpectedly he moved directly to Yang Jian's side and said: "Hello Mr. Yang."

"To have President Guan acknowledge someone as insignificant as myself, I am quite flattered." Yang Jian said with a smile.

"No need to be modest, I have always wanted to get to know a young talent like Mr. Yang."

"Being praised by an outstanding man like you makes me proud."

I listened on to their conversation as feelings of goosebumps ran all over my body. I could almost hear my cold sweat dropping onto the floor in a loud dripping sound.

"Mr. Yang must be a very good friend with Shou Ning." An Yuan looked at me.

Yang Jian leaned closer to me and replied: "Of course, we have a close relationship that goes beyond normal friends."

I stared stunningly at Yang Jian.

Yang Jian squinted his eyes and said: "We're actually really good friends, much better than others."

I let out a hollow laugh.

"Shou Ning is very worthy friend to have; he makes really delicious food." Yang Jian continued.

Wait wait, the first clause and second clause aren't related at all, right? So to him, my only value is my cooking?

An Yuan calmly nodded his head while looking straight at Yang Jian and replied: "That's true."

"He doesn't seem to cook for others very often." Yang Jian smiled, "Also, he doesn't like to wash the dishes. Each time I'm being enslaved to wash the dishes."

"Oh? Really?" An Yuan calmly asked.

But I suddenly felt the temperature suddenly drop a few degrees.

Is the hotel's air conditioner broken?

Words from the Author:

24: Chicken gizzard is very delicious, I'm being honest...


[1] radishes - a slang used by the Chinese to describe people of the entertainment world, because radish comes in many different color; they germinate quickly and grow rapidly, smaller varieties being ready for consumption within a month; which we can use to compare to the lifespan of a famous celebrity; one can get famous overnight but it is short-lived ^^ 

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