Chapter 25: Petty {Chicken Gizzard}

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Translator: Midori

Proofreader: Neve 

Title Explanation: The author used 鸡肚 as an alternate for 小肚鸡肠 - which has the meaning of small belly, chicken's gut {gizzard}; and that is an idiom with the meaning of "narrow-minded"; usually this applies for people who are being petty. As you read through this whole chapter, you will know why ^^

After meeting up with Yang Jian that day, that partying group seemed to have set an automatic switch as they took the initiative to contact me every Friday.

They said that dumping Yang Jian is a good move.

I couldn't help but ask, don't you all resent me for dumping Yang Jian?

They all said: "You are you, he is him, we advocate democratic freedom and freedom of love."

Very well. If so, I can still carry out the new democratic revolution...

However, the amount of phone calls and text messages I received had increased so much that even An Yuan started to notice it, especially those from Xie Qing. He is very fond of sending people boring texts---

For example, he sent a text message asking me how planes can fly so high without crashing into any stars?

I asked An Yuan why that was the case?

An Yuan answered: "Because the plane usually operates within the stratosphere which is 30 kilometers above average ground level. Aside from the moon, the closest planet to Earth is Venus which is 41 million kilometers away from Earth. So a standard boeing plane cannot crash into any star."

I looked at him.

He asked me: "Why are you looking at me like that? Did I say anything wrong?"

I said: "No, you're right." I could not help but kiss his cheek.

After that I desperately searched the internet and replied to Xie Qing: "Because the star can 'flash'."

Xie Qing replied back: "You're so smart!"

I rolled my eyes, the internet is the greatest invention for information in this day and age.

Alright, let's go return to the topic.

The main topic that is. An Yuan noticed the phone calls and text messages are becoming more frequent every day. The consequences are...

No consequences.

An Yuan did not ask or comment on anything, which disappointed me a bit. However, if he were to say something, that would not be him.

After Monday, comes Tuesday and there is always a Friday in every week. I think I'm starting to say gibberish. It is probably due to my good mood recently, although I'm a bit tired. I still mutter nonsense thing.

On Friday, our company held a celebration party at a hotel in the city. I usually don't participate in such high-level banquets; during time like these, I get off of work early then head home to play games.

Because I'm the one in charge this time, I had to see the whole thing through.

Even though I said to I had to see it through, I just stand on the side and watch the crowd.

Like this, I get to see what it means to be a celebrity. Each person has their own uniqueness. Really gregarious, with all kinds of people.

Alright, actually I'm jealous.

An Yuan naturally became the center of attention. Looking at him, I felt a bit proud in my heart. Such an outstanding man had kissed me on the forehead this morning in order to wake me up.

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