Chapter 23: Cohabitation

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I looked at An Yuan, the first reaction in my mind was...


I also asked this way, "Cohabitation ?"

He nodded.

I answered, "Oh."

He said, "I'll help you pay for rent and food."

I said, "That's just minor thing." I couldn't help but ask again, "Do we live together?"

He continued to nod then asked, "We can't?"

How could it be that we can't! Of course we can! Actually it's extremely good!

But I still want to maintain my modesty so I smiled, "Welcome, welcome."

After that he put the suitcase to the side and with an expressionless face he said, "Then, let's celebrate it."

I asked stupidly, "How do we celebrate it?"

He directly went back into bed.


In my opinion cohabitation is a divine living.

Mo Bai Ling put a laptop into An Yuan's suitcase, also a few clothes and nothing more. Therefore we decided to visit the supermarket to buy some necessities.

The reality is that he is quite a dummy when it come to these stuffs, that's why I took over the purchasing, and he was made to push the cart.

I asked him, "But is it okay that you don't return home?"

He said, "I live by myself anyway."

So it's like that.

We bought towels, pajamas, cups, slippers and many more, but I don't know why everything must be bought in two sets....

When we walked to the food area, I was thinking if I should buy some snacks, then I saw An Yuan rigidly stared at the goods in the refrigerator.

I went over and asked, "You want something to drink?"

He hesitated for a while, then seriously came down with a determination, "I used to drinking milk."

....I forgot it seems like there was such a thing.

We bought a box of Mengniu milk, it's not that I'm helping Mengniu to advertise it just because buying a box will get a cow plushy as a gift. Of course it's not a real cattle.

When we got home, we placed the things we have bought into places and that cow plushy was placed on the sofa beside my mashimaro.

In the evening we changed into identical style pajamas, and we both looked a bit ridiculous.

On Sunday he still had to go back home to deal with something then brought a few things over. In the evening I noticed that more stuffs are being added into the room, once again I looked at the person on my side, just now I have realized that this is what they genuinely called living together.

My computer was already placed in the bedroom so there was no place left for his laptop, so he had to put the laptop on his laps. Even though it was after hours, he was still using the laptop to deal with some business.

I thought that for an IT entrepreneur, his laptop surely is more advanced.

I had to restrain myself from the desire to grasp his laptop and tear it down to take a look, and then I turned on my computer.

When the desktop screen flashed up, I suddenly remembered something.

I quickly reached my hand to turn it off but it was already too late, An Yuan rushed over to stop my hand then hugged me.

I closed my eyes and snuggled into his embrace.

"This guy looks a little bit familiar." He said on the top of my head.

Nonsense, that's you.

Even though I know he already knew that I often looked for Mo Bai Ling to buy his photos, to be caught like this still makes me feel very embarrassed.

"This man looks ugly."

I straightened my body, and then glared at him, he dared to provoke my aesthetics.

I looked at the man in the photo on my desktop then looked at the man hugging me...

Alright, the real person is more good looking.

"Change it." He said, "Take a new wallpaper."

I blinked as he asked me, "Do you have a camera?"

I took out the camera and gave it to him, he switched it to automatic mode, positioned it, then hugged me and looked into the camera lens said, "Cheese."

I looked at the camera, subconsciously smiled a bit, then continuous flashing light blinding my eyes.

Too dazzling ah.

"Where is the USB cable?" An Yuan asked, I took it out and gave it to him.

He copied the photo into the computer, and set it up as the wallpaper.

I looked stupidly at his movements and stupidly looked at the desktop wallpaper of two people leaning on each other while smiling.

I suddenly grabbed him and said, "Smile again."

He expressionlessly shook his head and said, "I just smiled a moment ago."

"Smile again, I didn't see it!"

He pointed at the computer, "Don't you see that?"

I was frustrated, bent my body forward and beat him with the fist in accusation, you treacherous, it doesn't count!

I placed my face on the keyboard in frustration, looking at the desktop. He hugged me from behind, and began kissing my ears.

I twisted to dodge it, then heard his heavy laughter. I looked straight into his face, the corners of his mouth raised up, which caused my heart to twist.

Unfair, how can he be this gorgeous.

I felt a bit unreal, how this outstanding man falls for me. I couldn't help it so I leaned up to take the initiative to kiss him to confirm this person is real.

It has been proved that kissing is a very dangerous move because it's the quickest way to light up someone's desire.

My body was being caressed gently; even though it was not the first time, I still felt embarrassed. However, my chest was being gnawed gently with small bites, it was so intense that I was unable to resist the urge to moan, I could only bit my lips to suppress my moaning.

He gently stroked my lips with the tip of his fingers, and then inserted one finger in to explore my cavern.

The tip of my tongue was being stirred up by his finger causing an erotic feeling, causing me to close my eyes. However, my body became even more sensitive when I closed my eyes.

I was sucking on his finger as my rear entrance was being stretched open, that tingling itchy feeling on my body makes it very difficult to endure.

When he pushed in, I was panting heavily, it was slightly painful but the pleasure was quite intense.

That place was really burning up, I cried out in pleasure as I accepted each of his thrust. He leaned over to kiss my tear, I circled my arms around his neck as he thrust deeper into me.

Afterwards I lose myself in the heat of the moment, as I kept on moaning and gasping for air, even my waist moving along with each of his push.

When I climaxed, I thought my feeling for him had probably exceed beyond a simple "liking".

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22: What is cohabitation? Cohabitation is when two snails finally meet each other then share one shell....

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