Chapter 22: Encounter a Problem

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An Yuan was obviously startled, then he was slightly cramped, while I was smiling and said: "Why, you don't believe me?"

He put his hand in his trousers' pocket, took it out and said: "It isn't that..."

"Then let's go to the supermarket."

I commanded him to drive to the supermarket.

Together we went inside the supermarket and I suddenly had a déjà vu moment with this scene; the only difference was, the person next to me was someone else.

I felt a bit complicated but not sad.

I just felt a little guilty.

Perhaps it was due to his aura, but no one dared to stand within a 2 meter radius to An Yuan; however, they secretly looked at him from afar.

I asked him: "What do you want to eat?"

He said: "Anything."

I summoned all my courage to say: "I'm not that skillful, so I can't make the 'anything' dish."

I saw his face become stagnant, then he said: "Then..."

I saw he was desperately trying to think, but couldn't come up with anything so I said: "How about I pick the food that I like?"

He nodded.

He has absolutely no skill when it comes to picking out groceries, so he took over the job of pushing the cart. While I was stroking my chin looking at the expiration date on each product, his eyes got all sparkly staring at me. It was as if he was feeling satisfied about a certain side of me.

He hesitated a bit when we stepped up to pay for the groceries, so I quickly said: " This time it's my treat." Then I realized that saying it this way could cause a misunderstanding, I decided to make it clear and added: " No, I simply just want to cook for you."

A ray of pleasant surprise flashed inside his eyes, then I saw the cashier girl staring at us. I also stared back at her, when she suddenly gave an odd smile I was instantly covered in goosebumps.

After we got back home, I didn't expect him to be of any help; however, he surprised me because he insisted on washing the vegetables.

When I looked him at washing the vegetables, I was suddenly reminded of the chemistry experiments back in high school. it necessary to be so cautious, it's not like the vegetable leaves will bite people.

I set the dishes on the table and called him over: "Have a taste."

He took a bite and I saw his ears getting red.

I also got embarrassed at the sight, too embarrassed to ask him if it's tasty. I only sat there with a blank look.

"To be honest, I was very worried."

"Eh?" I was astonished.

An Yuan said: "I wanted to ask you out for dinner, but I didn't know where to go and I don't know what kind of places you like to eat at. I also don't know if the places I like to frequent would be to your liking."

He sounded quite pitiful.

I made you feel wronged ah, An Yuan.

I couldn't help but stretch my hand out and stroke his hair.

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