Chapter TEN ♡

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// Kayleigh's POV //

I saw Max sitting on a bench alone
He looked miserable
I walked towards him and sat beside him
"Hey Max, why are you not with your friends?" I asked
"You know why" he said
I nodded
"I can't hang out with them right now... i just... feel uncomfortable" he said
"I understand, Max"

I saw Alexis looking at us
She walked towards us
"Max" she said
Max ignored her
"Kayleigh, can you give us space so we can talk?" She asked

// Alexis's POV //

"Max, I'm sorry" i said
"I get it, you don't like me" He said
"But Max, let me explain"
"Explain what? Its too late" he said and stood up
I chase after him

"Stop following me" he said
"I will if you let me explain" i said
He stopped walking and turned around
He crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow
"Look, i told Jack that its better if we will remain as friends, i told him that i made a mistake, i love you Max" i said

"Fine. I'll give you a chance and I won't give you anymore chances next time" he said
I smiled really wide and hugged him
"Thank you Max" i said

// Kayleigh's POV //

*after school*

I went to the Mills's house since Harvey told me to hangout with him for a bit
While i was walking, my phone rang

Kayleigh: Hello
Sydney: Hey Kayleigh! You excited for tomorrow?

She hasn't called me for 3 days and now she finally called me

Kayleigh: Yep!
Sydney: what are you wearing tomorrow?
Kayleigh: oh shoot I forgot to pick an outfit!
Sydney: well done Kayleigh. Go find yourself an outfit haha

After the call, i called Harvey
I told him that i can't come to his house because I forgot to pick an outfit for tomorrow

I got back home and there was no one in the living room
"Mum? Sophie? Dad?" I yelled
I don't want to call him "dad" but mum said to

no one answered
I went upstairs and heard crying
It came from Sophie's room
"Sophie? What happened?" I asked
"Long story" she said
"Please tell me" i said

I slowly walked away and went inside my room
"What's up with her?" I thought

I browsed through my wardrobe but still, i cant find the perfect dress

It has been an hour and I haven't found one yet
I went into my closet more until I found this dress with a tag on it

"Hey Kayleigh! Your mum said you have a school dance am I right? Well here's a gorgeous dress that I think you'll like! -Aunt Lisa xoxo"

This dress is perfect!
I texted aunt Lisa to say thank you for the dress
I prepared all my stuff for tomorrow and went on my phone

Harvey 💙: Hey guess what
Kayleigh 💓: what?
Harvey 💙: I changed ur name to "Kayleigh 💓"
Kayleigh 💓: I changed urs as "Harvey 💙"
Harvey 💙: did you find an outfit?
Kayleigh 💓: yes! And it's absolutely amazing!
Harvey 💙: can't wait to see you ;)

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