twenty-five ; heroes destroy love, yes they do

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xxv. heroes destroy love, yes they do

━ ❝ slipped through your fingers like sand ❞

━ ❝ slipped through your fingers like sand ❞

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warning! short chapter!


ARABELLA RESTED HER head against the bark of the tree, sitting on the ground and staring off into space while Pan paced in front of her. He looked furious, deep in thought when it was brutally clear that their time was crunched. But little did she know, it wasn't just Henry and the heroes he was pondering about, he was worried about her. There was a sudden shift in her behavior that felt off. Sure he made-out with her and that was rather pleasant. It was just that now he could sense that there was something different about her. Something that shouldn't be there or was there before.

He stopped in his steps, looking over at her to only see her dazed expression. There was a darkness lingering in her eyes. And while earlier he didn't think anything of it, now he was concerned. Never had Arabella done anything like that before. Never had she truly wanted to harm people in such a violent way. It wasn't her. But it sure as hell was something her mother's line of sorcerers would've supported.

"Love?" She turned her attention to him, only staring, no trace of happiness on her face, only void. Pan put on a smile, going to crouch down in front of her. "Why don't we go back to the treehouse and stay there for a little while?"

She raised an eyebrow at him. "No," she told him. "Those heroes are going to burn until they are nothing but ashes." Arabella smirked at the thought. "Wouldn't you enjoy that? Then we can get Henry's heart and then we can go to the treehouse and celebrate." She leaned forward, kissing his jaw with that suggesting look in her eyes. "Perhaps some new, loyal lost boys would come in handy."

This is when he knew that this was not the woman he married or fell in love with. This person was someone entirely different and he wasn't going to allow them to stay. "While the idea does sound nice..." then he stopped talking, waving his arm so she fell to the ground unconscious. Pan sighed and then placed a magical cuff on her wrist so she couldn't pose any harm to anyone. With a frown and one last kiss to her forehead, the immortal leader waved his arm again so she vanished, appearing on the deck of the Captain's ship. And then he followed so he could get that heart he desperately needed.

Meanwhile, Regina was tucking Henry into the bed located on Hook's ship. He was giving her a look and she pulled back, smiling down at him. "Oh, I know that look. Five hours of Space Paranoids and too much pizza."

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