I'm allergic to vampires! Literally.... Chapter 12

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Chapter 12


I hesitated from opening the door. What if he was busy or something? Maybe I'll just come back later. I turned to leave and the door opened. 

"Oh um hey Isaac." I said awkwardly. 

"What do you want Sky? You've been standing in front of my door for five minutes." 

"I was just wondering if you were ok." I admitted. 

"Why would you care?" 

"Because even though your keeping me here, your trying to care of me." He kept a straight face. "So you're ok?" I asked. He nodded. 

"I'm sorry about...how I acted earlier, it's just...I didn't want you to become a blood donor well not for Galen anyway. He gets out of control sometimes." He apologized.  

"Thanks for looking out for me." 

"If you want to say thank you then maybe....." In a flash my back was to the wall. 

"Isaac..." He tugged my head to the side. 

"Forgive me." He whispered. He bit down and I screamed. It was incredibly painful but why? 

"Isaac stop it-it hurts....please..." I cried. My legs lost their strength but Isaac held me up, his fingernails digging into my back. I failed to keep control of my body and collapsed, giving into the pain. I heard faint footsteps coming from the stairway. I watched Galen appear and he looked horror-struck.  

"Isaac stop!" His fangs retracted from my neck and he let go of me. I fell to the floor, unable to pull myself up. I simply slumped there against the wall. Galen rushed to my side. "Hold on, I'll get you healed soon." 

"Don't touch her, she's mine." Isaac hissed. My sight was fading. 

"Snap out of it man! Don't do anything rash!" He pulled me into a sitting position then licked the bite mark. His grip on me tightened and I knew he was doing all he could to restrain himself from biting me too. 

"I said don't touch her." He tackled Galen. They were only blurs in a brawl. Not knowing what the outcome would be, I started to crawl backwards. Someone grabbed me from behind. 

"Don't move I'm going to break them up." 

"Adrian..." I breathed. 

"I'll let you sleep you, need your rest." His hand covered my eyes, closing them. What was he doing? I felt a bed underneath me and a finger was placed to my forehead. Sleep princess...a voice murmured in my head. Slowly I drifted into unconsciousness.


Warmth, so lovely, pure, comforting. I sat up, feeling wonderful. Dazed, I looked around the room and saw Galen curled up against me. He looked like a little kid, peaceful and innocent. Then the other events flashed through my mind. Adrian, Isaac, pain and blood. As I thought I realized I was playing Galen's hair. Was I...falling for him? I felt a pang of loneliness. Jace where are you? You have to be worried, I'm sorry I wish I could let you know I'm okay. Now that I thought about it what if it was too dangerous to be together? My relationship scale was totally screwed up. 

1. Jace (Royal = immediate danger) 

2. Galen? 

3. Rayas (Rapist) 

How was I supposed to feel about them? I bit my lip in frustration. Not to mention the council was after me. 

"Hey are you feeling alright?" I jumped. 

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