Chapter 2

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"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

Chapter 2

I wake up and stretch my arms, looking at the clock on my bedside table. I'm not surprised when I see that it is 10 am, we stayed at the neighbour's until 1 am yesterday, just talking and playing truth or dare. Melissa was lovely and I can see us being good friends, Chase is already like an older brother figure and Jonah, he's intriguing.

I climb out of bed and get ready for the day, I slip on leggings and one of Logan's old hoodies, then go and open the balcony doors, only to find Jonah sitting on the balcony opposite, smoking a cigarette.

"Want one?" He stands and leans on the balcony railing, offering me a cigarette, wearing black jeans and a white t-shirt.

"Sure, thanks." I lean over and take the lit cigarette, bringing it to my lips and taking a drag.

"Wow" Jonah appears stunned.

"What?" I question, leaning my fore arms on the railing of my balcony.

"I didn't think you'd take me up on the offer. Most girls tell me what a disgusting habit it is."

"I'm not most girls." I reply sassily, taking a last drag and putting out the cigarette in the ashtray on my balcony, walking back into my room

I hear the door bell ring and run downstairs, making sure I get to the door before anyone else, knowing it will be my aunt Daria with Sadie, she's been looking after her for us so she wasn't in the way while we were moving. I fling the door open and am thrown to the floor by a brown and white Sadie launching herself on top of me, licking my face.

"Hello Daria, thanks for taking care of Sadie." I hear my mum walk up behind me and she hugs her sister as I stand up, Sadie still charging around, wagging her tail.

"It was no problem honestly Tracy, she's been an angel." Daria replies.

"Thanks again Aunt Daria!" I say, giving her a hug.

"No problem, I'd happily do it again." She hugs me back.

I take Sadie up to my room so I can get my lap top out and start looking for competitions to go to, when she runs out onto the balcony and starts barking, I rush out to see what she's barking at as it is very rare for Sadie to bark. I see Jonah stood on his balcony still, leaning against the door frame with a smirk, he walks over, Sadie finally stops barking.

"Is this Sadie?" He nods to her.

"Yep, officially known as Sadies Sassy Side." I smile.

"She's gorgeous! Harvey!" He calls, turning his head to look into his room, suddenly a black and white springer spaniel comes charging out onto the balcony and starts jumping at the railings, tail wagging like crazy.

"This is Harvey, officially known as Daggers Point."

"He's gorgeous, well, I've got to go, if I want to compete anytime soon I've got to find some shows and get my entry forms in!" I walk into my room, calling Sadie in, and closing the balcony doors.

After spending an hour trying to find agility shows I give up and decide to walk with Sadie down to the beach, I change into shorts and a t-shirt before going down to the beach, wearing thongs on my feet. Luckily our house is away from all the tourist destinations and is at the end of the beach that allows dogs, it only takes a five-minute walk until we are on the beach. I start walking along the beach, while throwing a ball for Sadie in the surf, I take my thongs off and walk bare foot in the shallow water.

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