Chapter 6️⃣

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(Alyssa's outfit above ^)
I was snapped back to reality as a major earthquake shook my whole body.

Earthquake, everyone except canvas face  and her 100 timing boyfriend evacuate the fucking building.
Wait, that's not an earthquake.

Looking up my eyes locked with captivating brown eyes.

Wha-? What is he doing here?

"Alyssa, why are you sitting on the floor?" Elijah questions, his voice lacing concern.

"Well, it's because my ass is made out of metal and there's a magnet under the floor so my ass decided 'Hey let's greet the fucking magnet.'" I mumbled while rolling my eyes.

"Wait, what?" Elijah questioned.

Shit did I say that out loud. Holy fridge! I am starting to let down my guard. Uhhh! A get your self together!

"N- nothing, I just t-tripped a-and fell that's all."
Slowly standing up I brushed the dust of my cringe worthy green pants.

Elijah's eyes slowly scanned my attire before his eyes caught contact with mine.

"I'm guessing you like bright colors?"Elijah raised an eyebrow.

"W-what? How do y-you know?" I stuttered showing off my acting skills as a nerd.

Uhhhh! I actually hate bright colors and I look so weak right now I hate it, I also look ugly. And not to mention people think I am poor, I love to study, have no friends and other bullshit but what they don't know is I am actually the complete opposite. I am such a great actor, he should give me an award! Wait...... He does not know I am acting so that means no-one is gonna acknowledge my acting skills!

"I don't, I just guessed from your clothes." He shrugged.

"Then why didn't you just say you guessed from clothes instead of saying I don't know because that does not make sense because later you did answer my question so that means you did know" I mumbled.

"Well... I did not say I knew, I just said that I guessed, so that means you only confirmed my guess by saying yes and now I know that you like bright colors while I hate bright colors sooo yea..." he said.

Shit he heard what I said!
Wait where did canvas face and her sex toy go?

"Uhhhh? Where did canvas fa-" abruptly stopping in between my sentence I roughly coughed realizing what was about to slip out of my mouth.

"What?" Elijah questioned.

"I- I- M-mean where di-did miss camellia go?" I asked Elijah while venom seeped through my voice when I addressed canvas face.

"Miss camellia?" Elijah asks flabbergasted. "Did she ask you to call her that?" He questions.

I just nod standing there.

Dine dong

The final bell rings informing me that I am late for class.

"Shoot my nerd dignity!" I instantly scream forgetting about the Abercrombie model like guy standing in front of me.

What? nerd dignity?

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