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"I know what your going to say, Ishi. I know very well i'm the only one of my kind left in the world", Elise says calmly

"But Elise, i can't afford to lose my only sister, the one i've had so many good memories with you and i can't afford to l-l-ose y-y-ou", I say, starting to cry again. 

"Ishi, I think you should leave your sister to rest", Master says smiling at me

I walk out of the hospital ward and find Lyon waiting for me. I look at him and see the concern in his eyes. I can't help myself, I run up to him and hug him tightly and gaze into his eyes again. 

"Are you ok baby", Lyon asks, wiping the tears out of my eyes 

"Yeah fine", I say 

"Come on. Lets walk", He says, holding my hand.

"What happened", He askes 

"My sister is being chased by all the dark guilds", I say to him 

"Why", he askes curisly 

"She's the only secret power wizard a-alive", I said sobbing again

Writers Reveiw: secret power magic is a magic that changes depending on what environment you are in eg. the snow you'd use ice. sand storm you'd use a sand magic. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry Ishi", he apoligises 

"Lets go back to the guild ok", he says

"We can go on a mission. Like a date", He suggests 

"Ok, i-i need r-rent m-money anyway.